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Tell that to Arch users.

jk I love arch


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What's up with Arch? I've heard a lot about it but what's its demarcating feature? Is it the cutting edge approach? Would you recommend it to a veteran (K)Ubuntu user looking for a step forward in the Linux world?


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Arch is a rolling release distro, that means you install it once and then onwards only need to update regularly to have all the latest software. Or as you said, "cutting edge". But that is not all, arch takes a very DIY approach to installing and maintaining your OS. The installer is text mode and drops you in basic shell with working network connection. For here you install the package you want and build your OS from scratch. By the time you finish installing and configuring the system, you will good understanding of what is running in your PC and the installed software. I would recommend you to try it out yourself and decide if it you like your hand crafted OS. All the latest and KDE packages will hit arch repos far before they enter ubuntu.


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Here's how I explain Arch to people:

If you are good with a command line or terminal, you can get started with Arch.

If not, you'll need to figure it out because Arch starts with no UI, just a text interface.

Then, once you understand the CL/T, you have to install Arch line-by-line and package-by-package.

It takes a while the first time, but once you've set up a guide for your specific hardware, you can get it done in 5 or 10 minutes tops.

If you're a customization freak and minimalist like me, you'll probably like i3, awesome, openbox, or xfce.

Personally, I like xfce with my Arch installs.

So installing xfce takes two or three packages, then you configure xinit to get it to launch when you start X.

Once you've done all that, you have a working Arch install.

Packages will break sometimes, things will be buggy, and the CL/T will become your best friend.

And every single second of it is amazing.