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To me "easier to use" is another way of saying "we've removed options for manual configuration". I'm good with computers. I know how to use and fix them, but the new ones are made for people who can't troubleshoot. They've taken a lot of the manual configuration out in Windows 8. I don't know if they brought any back in Windows 10 but "easy to use" doesn't give me much hope.


[–] Draegur 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago  (edited ago)

See, that's what I was afraid of at first too--but this is the thing that makes me LOVE Windows 10:
>Sees stuff removed
>Looks for functionality
>All the removed shit didn't do anything!

The advanced settings are still easily accessed; what's missing from each window is only strictly decorative elements.

That's why I was trying to be careful when I mentioned "easier to use". It's not because they dumbed it down; it's because they've shed the waste.

Manual configuration options are still there, presumably because they actually do stuff. Ornamental bezels around window borders... not so much.

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When I installed the preview it was mostly Next > Next > Next > Install. Like Win 8.


[–] Pawn ago 

if you can't find the manual configuration in wind8.1 then you aren't "good" with computer.


[–] C_IsForCookie ago  (edited ago)

I bet I'm better with the computer than you are at English.

Also, I'm 100% sure you've no idea what you're talking about.


[–] 1362842? ago 

An example is the new Settings app. It is up front and kind of dumbed down, but you can easily put a shortcut to Control Panel in your Start if you want it. The Control Panel is still there.