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anyone who says blacks created any form of civilization is just fucking with you, or just a dumb nigger

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Magic dirt. We carry it around with us and sprinkle it on whatever we want to colonize. The location of the magic dirt mine is a long kept secret but we inferior white tribes would be helpless without it.

Browns and blacks scurry to wherever we whites live only because they're trying to find our mine. Sadly, they don't realize that only those born with white privilege can harness its great power.

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Beautiful. Saving this to use later.

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As you wish. It's my reverse take on the "magic dirt" theory - which according to commutative properties should be just as valid as the original.

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If western civilization was built by niggers from Africa then why are they still living in mud huts and sucking on the ass of cattle?

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Well that’s because the white man keeps them down, duh.

Classic white boi

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Oh shit my bad

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Just like the present day, the wealthiest Europeans were actually Jews. Roman and Medieval Europe were actually quite devoid of capital. Tremendous gold and silver was spent by European nobles on the import of consumable commodities (spices and textiles) from the East. This trade was actually facilitated by Jewish merchants, who were strategically positioned in between the West and the East, and who had the necessary business acumen to thrive in such an environment. In contrast, Europe never actually exported anything of worth at that time to the East.

Thanks to the Jews, European capital was organized into primitive banking systems. In many countries, Jews were actually wealthier than the kings (eg Aaron the Jew of London). The ability to organize capital and spend properly allowed Jews to facilitate much of Late Roman and early medieval European economy.

Ultimately, the first "colonizers", the Portuguese, only left their shores because of a desire to trade independently with the East. In contrast, Europe did not actually have anything of value to the Eastern civilizations, as the Europeans were already sending most of their precious metals to the East for tea, silk, spices, cotton, etc.

Once the Europeans colonizes the primitive, tribal peoples of Africa and America, and took their resources and human capital, only then was European civilization capable of advancing to a point where it could project power worldwide. And of course, ask any Goat who owned those ships that sailed from Europe to Africa/Asia.

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I just looked up Aaron of London and you're full of shit. The king of england was poor at the time because he blew all of his money on the war with France. The king extorted Aaron for money until aaron was completely broke, then he fired aaron from his position because he was no longer of use of him. Aaron of London died in ruin, because the king of england took all his money.

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its one thing to successfully organize the financial systems .... its another thing to enslave citizens into unconstitutional serf-slavery with organized financial systems...

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White privilege.