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I got a better idea. The age to do porn should be nothing because we shouldn't have porn and the Jews in the porn industry should be drawn and quartered with their heads put on pikes.

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I like this idea.

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Fine with me but can this at least be a main stream issue? Why the fuck do the femanist not give a fuck about this issue no one seems to care

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The Mormons are fighting porn, look up their ‘porn kills love’ campaign.

[–] tokui ago 

no one seems to care

Of course, "it's for your protection". Classic concernfaggotry.

Why 25? Make it 50 after they've raised their kids.

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Actually. Porn shouldn’t be allowed. No magazines, no strip clubs, no films.

[–] CognitiveDissident5 ago 

It's not allowed in Israel.

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The age to do porn should be no one. Women shouldn’t bother with degrees unless absolutely necessary.

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Ya it is kinda amazing prostition is illigal in california yet you get a camera and some jews all the sudde. Totaly fine. Im surprized someone has not just said fuck it come in we film it. You pay to fuck which makes it legal somehow then destroy the film afterwards. I like where your head is but dont think thats gonna fly in current america.

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There is a high demand for it, especially from white males who like jerking off to that kind of stuff. Take a look at the people consuming it before you blame the people producing it

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U have to be fucking joking you kike. I didnt say ban it you stupid jew piece of shit im trying to protext dumb poor 18 year old girls and you try turning it on fucking lonly old fucks jerking off. Fuck you you stupid nigger kike

[–] Ghetto_Shitlord ago 

The south seems to lead in porn consumption. The trending searches in those regions are a bit disturbing, or funny depending. Incest, disturbing. Cuckold, funny.

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One foot in front of the other foot. I like this idea. Endgame imo to be banned, but this is in the right direction

[–] andrew_jackson ago 

Yeah we should make the laws in the U.S. stricter and stricter until the degenerates leave. Then we can relax them some.

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How about just make it illegal for everyone. Find another White person for that instead like God intended.

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I’d agree with 25 but in reality even 21 if they’re not legally able to drink or gamble then how can porn be ok.

[–] Doglegwarrior [S] ago 

When you put it that way it is even more fucking insane. Prostitution is illigal.. at 17 and a half if a 50 year old fucked a high school girl he goes to jail for a very very long time and his life is totaly ruined. 6 month later 50 50 year old dudes can legaly fuck the girl and thry could pay her 1000 dollars film it all bukkakie her face with 50 cum shots and none of theirblives would be ruined. In fact some piece ofnshit jew could pay them 20k each and launder money that way. It is absolutly fucking insane.

[–] Redcobra ago 

Yes I agree it’s absolutely insane. The fact that there is “teen” in their age seems to establish that they aren’t adults so I dunno to me it just seems that if their not old enough to buy booze how can they be old enough to make a major life decision like that? Seems weird to me.

[–] Cosmicdrifter ago 

So these girl have no control over their own actions... got it... it was ...ze jews. Pathetic.

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No you fucking kike. Just saying maybe we could try to give them a little time to grow up and think. Not that i think we can legislate morality but we can at least make obvious jew degenaracy like porn a little more regulated. Your a fucking kike so it doesnt matter.

[–] Cosmicdrifter ago 

Here's an idea, don't support shit you dont agree with. You dont know me faggot.

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