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(((A certain group))) doesn't want that.

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The left would lose congress representation because the population of their state could go down. Congress represenatives that a state gets is determined by population of said state.

So if California right now without the citizenship questions can count illegals as part of their population and get more congress representatives and more power in the house. If illegals are found out then the population counted can go down and they would get less congress representatives and less power etc.


Right-wing argument: We have fraudulent congress seats being represented because of counting illegals as part of the population. You are undermining American citizens by allowing illegals to be enfranchised.

Left-wing argument: This is racist and you are trying to disenfranchise brown people.

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Without illegals and voter frauds the left would've stand no chance.

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yeap. It is also the left is pushing hard to get to illegal immigrants in and then say there is no such thing anymore. So they can get their votes ofc, they cant win if the people voting are actual americans, so they are trying to import voters.

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Another thing that is throwing california dems in complete panic: knowing the number of citizen in California overall — perhaps even on a per district basis — is going to place a cap on the number of votes they’ll be able to count...

I mean either we’ll start seeing participation numbers higher than 100% frequently enough that they won’t be able to cover it up, even in California :-) or it will make their whole ballot box stuffing scheme a lot more complicated to carry out... heck, we might even start seeing the beginning of fair elections in California.

Imagine that.

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Right-wing counter-argument: You're a traitor and now we must execute you.

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It's because census data determines seats in the house of representatives. You could withold seats in proportion to the non-citizen population, or punatively discount the non citizen population á la the 3/5ths compromise of 1787.

You can watch Rosencrantz and Guildenstern for Hamlet for a lark, but is no substitute for the original Shakespeare. The government has systems and protocols.

The Constitutional basis for conducting the decennial census is to reapportion the U.S. House of Representatives. Apportionment is the process of dividing the 435 memberships, or seats, in the U.S. House of Representatives among the 50 states.

The (((Jews))) want you to be a politically illiterate cartoon anti-semite so they can say you're the boogie man who's coming for all non-whites with guns tomorrow. We're looking to enforce the laws on the books, root out corruption and lies, and establish stable nations around the world for all people's to call home so that we can enjoy our home in peace.

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Why would you expect someone here illegally to answer that question honestly?

This is just a distraction.

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If the question exists and they lie they know they can be found out. Same goes if they answer and tell the truth.

So with the question in place they are far more likely to simply not answer the census at all resulting in lower popularion numbers.

Win-win if you ask me... IF the question is in place.

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It's a way of baiting them into lying to the government, which is one thing you do NOT want to do if you are hoping to get a green card.

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It will expose why the blue states and soon to be blue states got that way.

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Well it started when the men gave women voting rights.

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I am a woman and i fully agree with you! Women are too emotional to make a rational decision when it comes to voting. Sorry, but facts don't lie.

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Literally incapable of not making it about you lmao

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It doesn't matter if you agree. Why are you even saying anything, woman?

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Show us your tits you fucking slut.

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which started when men gave every other men voting rights

[–] iLuvJews ago 


There instinct is to agree with the most aggressive/violent people out of survival.

Bunch of horny retarded faggots giving women the right to vote has destroyed society.

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First they tell you that it's racist to ask about citizenship.

You have a brain so you realize that isn't exactly correct.

Then they tell you that the vast majority of people agree that it is racist.

You have seen people acting stupid so you consider this to be possible.

Then they create fake personalities and put them on social media and have them say "I agree that it is racist to ask about citizenship" and if you argue with them they say "you are racist" and down vote you unless you make a really good argument, then they just make your argument invisible so to anyone who is looking it seems that only idiots are arguing with them.

You begin to believe that it is common knowledge that asking about citizenship is racist. Maybe you were misguided?

Then they create more fake personalities on platforms where people agree with you and those personalities act openly racist.

"I'm not racist!" you think to yourself...but when you tell your friends they will ask you why do you get all of your ideas from a racist platform? Why do you argue for something that everyone agrees is racist?

Because you are asking people to use logic to see why common knowledge is wrong, but people aren't good at logic, and they know common knowledge isn't wrong.

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That's precisely why they got their filthy hooks into education and the media. They think if they control the outflow of information, plus using shill accounts to further the narrative, that the regular folk will say "Well shit, I can't think like that or else I'll be branded as something vile and lose my job" - which then leads them to just go along with it.

When you realise that it's all fabricated, and that you don't give a fuck what NPC fucktards think of you - it's incredibly freeing.

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They have their hooks in EVERYTHING.

Wanna run a business but are guilty of wrong-think? Expect to be de-listed, shadow banned, invisible on search, not showing up in "similar products" mysteriously receive random negative reviews, downvotes etc.

  • Google search
  • Apple app store
  • Google app store
  • Steam
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Yelp
  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Online retailers using credit card or paypal

You can expect to fail if any of those platforms matter to your business and you aren't pushing the right narrative.

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It's incredibly depressing once you realize that very few come to this conclusion.

[–] 11hrr ago 

You're so wise.

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We need more comments like this on vote! You are brilliant sir.

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Go back to plebbit, nigger

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Stop trying to make America white again after we've worked so hard to make it not white you fucking goyim!

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The Democrats would lose their needed votes to win any election if the illegals were gone.

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Before the Fourteenth Amendment, a citizen of the United States was considered to be a citizen of the several States united. However, after the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Supreme Court of the United States, in the Slaughterhouse Cases, split the two equivalent terms. Thereafter, there was a citizen of the United States and a citizen of the several States (united).

A citizen of the several States is a citizen of the several States united. In Cole v. Cunningham (133 U.S. 107, at 113 thru 114, 1890) the Supreme Court of the United States held that 'the intention of section 2 of Article 4 was to confer on the citizens of the several States a GENERAL CITIZENSHIP." For purposes of international law, that means a citizen of the several States is a citizen of the several States united. It also means that the United States government has a dual role. It has its own citizens, under the Fourteenth Amendment, while also representing the several States united; for foreign affairs, and its citizens.

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The left needs votes.....that's why.

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Votes for gibs.

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