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I mentioned him and was immediately “attacked” by people who said he was a deep state jew... It was a concerted effort to tell me he was a deep state jew that’s for sure

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You have to remember that people also are just tired of Americans looking at ANY politicians as possible saviors. Political theater they call it.

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But Patrick littles theatre is the best

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There was a long expose of little patrick when he was over the top criticizing jews. He is controlled oppo, no doubt in my mind.

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GAB.io (((management))) BANNED that politician from Gab.io under false pretenses! On voat 8 gab.io employees keep raging on the embarrassment

Gab.io made up lies about him because he NAMED THE JEW, and gab.io made up false statements that are not true under US law, and tried to claim patrick 25 days before he was banned, supported a fan who wanted to commit an "IMMINENT UNLAWFUL ACT". But under SCOTUS a imminent unlawful act has been ruled countless times in supreme court to be LESS THAN 365 days in the future, not 365 or more, and also a SPECIFIC TARGET or subset of a class of targets, not the entire class.

For example "Gas all the jews and shove them into ovens" lacks a subclass of targets and is 100% free speech, even if gab.io hates it.

And "Burn down all 63 US based Holohoax memorials in the next 24 months" is not "imminent" nor a subclass, but all possible items in the class.

Patrick Little named the jews on Gab.io and the 8 gab.io employees on voat will downvote this post of mine. They slam any factual negative info regarding Gab.io banning Jew Namers for no legal reason.

SCOTUS Hess v. Indiana, 414 U.S. 105 (1973) [imminent lawless action test :]


and that SCOTUS speech protection case was for reasserting famous earlier SCOTUS Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969)


I doubt SCOTUS needs to reiterate the law a third time. There are about 12 or so types of illegal expression in the USA, we are talking about provably free speech that is 100% legal.

EXCEPTION : actual threats made knowingly and provably to the target directly such as a phone call across state lines, internet web posts to entire world do not count.

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i want more J Walking videos, that’s for sure. Hope he runs just for the lulz

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He's got gigantic balls and I really admire that in man.

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I go around mentioning him in real life saying that he's the only democrat I support

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I read a fairly detailed thread about his connections. Seems he works for some shady people. Of course that's all second or third hand info at best, from the Voat comment section.

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you do have to wonder how he makes a living baiting jews

[–] QuickMafs [S] ago 

If he starts up again I'll start paying him

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Where did he post this video? His jewtube channel is banned and nothing since march on bitchute.

[–] SmashMeleeFemDom ago 

Where did he post this video? His jewtube channel is banned and nothing since march on bitchute

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