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Yes. That is exactly the one. Thank you!

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Your welcome. Its one of the several red pill memes i keep available for easy spreading because i got tired of hearing "muh poor people commit crime!"

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Oh, you mean the place I'm the middle of nowhere has less crime in it than a suburban area? Color me fucking shocked.

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Black millionaires have a higher murder rate than poor whites but keep making excuses instead of holding blacks accountable so they can improve.

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The difference is whites verse niggers. Niggers congregate in urban environments.


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Gimme a minute to host it somewhere

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Just a reminder that this is not an apples to apples comparison. The KY town is very rural while the CA area is in the middle of Los Angeles right next to the black ghetto of Inglewood. This says more about rural life versus urban life.

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Only in that niggers congregate in urban areas. Remove the nigger part of urban life and the crime vanishes. So no, it isnt apples to oranges, it IS apples to apples

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Assuming the meme's statistics are accurate, the crimes have been adjusted to account for the population imbalance. That is what '100k ppl' means.

In other words: rich niggers are still niggers

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Except that you're assuming that the crimes are committed by residents of that city. That's probably an reasonable assumption for rural Kentucky but not for the middle of Los Angeles. An apples to apples comparison would be a small poor white town in rural Mississippi versus a small poor town black town in rural Mississippi. That would be interesting. The comparison in the meme has too many confounding factors: rich houses have more good stuff to steal than poor houses; law enforcement is very different; people in small towns notice strangers or strange cars while people in cities don't; etc.

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urban life

you're so close to getting it..