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I said this shit would continue since they charged that one girl as a teenager. Should have charged her as an adult, I bet she's like 17, and made a fucking example. Here we are now, having to triple check seals, locks on ice cream freezers and now the price of food is going to go up. Why? The companies are going to have to spend money designing, then producing tamper proof packaging. They always look for a reason to raise prices. Well here we go.

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we should bring back public whipping

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And hanging

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he saw niggers getting zoglikes on zogmedia and wanted to try for himself, he should be granted the gift of being treated like the nigger he wants to be and dangle from a tree

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That person needs immediate medical attention, and should be given an emergency on-the-spot glossectomy. Beer bottle to the side of the head as anesthesia.

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Something so petty and niggerish will not go away... It's a huge joke now.

[–] TheWorstImaginable ago 

If I find someone doing this I'm going to stab them on the spot and vanish into the woods for a few months.

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No, because it’s not even remotely related. Poisoning themselves hurts them. Spreading disease to whites hurts whites.

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