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talk is safe and comforting... but the talk is increasing, so that's a good sign.

Taking any action before the time is right will just make you a statistic... or best-case scenario a martyr to a small group. Keep waking your friends and neighbors. Sometime in the very near future it'll be obvious to everyone all at once that it's "go time"

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yeah it will. It's happened hundreds of times before... at some point people snap... and we're approaching a snapping point in the western world.

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I think you're missing what might be happening here.

The reason you get called glow in the dark for recommending direct action here is:

1) It's obvious (and recently proven on the chans) that the Feds come to wrongthink sites like this, pretending to be other than they are. A huge number of "terrorist plots" that the Feds "uncover" are plans that they themselves have initiated, in order to catch criminals. Half of the government enforcement agencies would be out of jobs if they didn't have their own people trying to breed chaos for them to fight. That's what you sound like when you start suggesting criminal activities here.

2) That might be acceptable if this was a good place to make plans with people to actively fight. It's not. There's too many eyes watching, it's too accessible. It's random, anonymous people, too spread out. And though we're anonymous to each other, and despite all the proclamations of privacy protection here, it is a place where identifying information can be tied to specific posters, so it's vulnerable. You don't know who here is good about information security, and the Feds know to be looking here.

Of course, I don't advocate for anyone to do anything illegal or threatening to the current power structure. But if one were to do so, it would be much smarter to do so in private, with people you trust, without data records involved, in a setting where plans could be made in much more detail, imo anyway.

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Stop using niggerspeak.

Also anyone who recommends anything instantly gets labelled as a Glow in the dark Nigger.

Welcome to my world.

It seems to me you dont really want to take any action, you just want to talk.

Which is why I’m proven right every day.

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You're not right. You're just some faggot who makes observations.

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So prove me wrong. Go on.

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Nah. We also attack anyone who tries to do anything to save our society. Usually by calling them a Jew puppet.

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Go to your local church/bar. Find men of good moral character. Talk about and take action with them. Or take action alone. If you want to know how there are plenty of ways online, on this website even.

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