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Why would i post my safe haven on the internet?

I hear southern California is nice this time a year!

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Where Should I Go?

To the gun store?

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A city or county that doesn't have sanctuary status. That's why certain areas are that way.

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You might like Wyoming, except for the winters, especially if you''re from the south. Winters can be brutal some years. Politics in Wyoming, unfortunately, is too often influenced by rich, female, liberals that have moved there from out of state. Same for Western Montana and Southern Idaho.

If you are really sick of living around Mexicans, you are just out of luck, I travel all around the Northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest and even the most remote hamlet these days is polluted by their presence. The best you can hope for is reducing the number of them you encounter day to day.

If the idea of severe winter condition does bother you, I'd check out Northern Idaho, winters are mild and it has a long history of supporting white interests.

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Go north and stay out of cities.

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Poland, Hungary, or Russia.

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I hear little st. james island might be available soon

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