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I initially read that as kids spray-painting swastikas ON their dicks. Which would make sense, since so many jewesses are into Nazi role-play.

“No! Please Camp Commandant Hatriot, not the gas chamber! I’ll do anything you ask.”

Me, gazing down at her through my monocle “Anyfink, you say?” unzips “You vill now suck ze swastika off of my schnitzel,, yes?”

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You already know the answer. We've looked it up so many times there's not point in looking it up anymore. We already know the answer. Yes, it's Jews spray painting swastikas. Spraying swastikas serves no objective for anyone but a Jew.

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the "swastika" is a SUN symbol, it is a truth.... dirty-yiddish-gypsies with "jewish" occult practices fear the truth!!!

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