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Don't waste your money on this, it's the same as any old activated carbon filter, it just lasts a lot longer because the filter is so big. For about the same price or a bit more you can get a reverse osmosis filters that will remove xenoestrogens.

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It's not a pitcher, but it removes even arsenic and fluoride if you get the added attachments.

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babes... if you don't invest in a countertop water distiller you aren't smart... filters are not reliable, long lasting or low maintenance... juSt A heAdS UpS!!!

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Your options are either activated carbon filters or reverse osmosis filters*. They are all the same beyond that, don't bother spending a lot of money on some filter brand that spends a lot on marketing. Activated carbon filters will filter all fluoride quite well, but not xenoestrogens very well. You need reverse osmosis for that. I'd go with a filter that can be refilled by yourself, so you don't have to pay for the overpriced refills. You can use fish filter carbon to refill it, it's literally the same thing but cheaper. So basically save your money for when you purchase a reverse osmosis system.

*Actually I forgot about the resin beads that you can get which I think work on the principle of attracting charged particles, but that can get a bit complicated. You can also buy those from a fish supply store online.

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I RO my water and then use this to filter it with.


I have noticed if I drink straight up RO I feel funny and my body is addicted to negative ions.

RO only takes about 92% of fluoride out give or take.

Thats why everyone in the usa is a retard. Fluoride.