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Each race has their evolutionary benefits. Whites are intelligent, creative and hardworking. Good for making technology.

Asians are slightly more intelligent but think inside the box, but good social structures. So they have their advantage in making more long lasting societies and building quantity over quality.

Blacks have good athletic ability, heat/sun tolerance and are less likely to be mentally ill and depressed. It's good for simple small communities with low technology.

Jews are good wordsmiths and thinking of plans. Unfortunately they use this talent for evil.

So are white superior? Yes for developing technology. We get along within our own group same way Asians get along in their own group.

It's not racist.

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So basically: you want a white engineer, Asian pharmacist, black ditch digger, jew lawyer

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Well you dont want a jew lawyer, you dont want a jew anything

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Yeah, but I'm still waiting for that ditch to be finished.

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jew lawyer

No; evil is not beholden to a retainer nor paycheck. Evil simply must go.

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Blacks make good foot soldiers, too. They can be easily broken to obey and they will naturally be physically fit.

Not too great for leadership roles. Decision making is not great.

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Blacks have good athletic ability, heat/sun tolerance and are less likely to be mentally ill and depressed.

If psychopathy is considered a mental illness then I challenge your assertion.

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If retard-level IQ that hinders introspection and by proxy prevents depression and obfuscates mental illness, then I support your challenging his assertion.

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Well could be I guess.

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It's not racist.

How ironic that you use a term the jews coined and injected into the Zeitgeist. Just like the word, "Anti-Semite" They use these words to shame the goy into submissiveness while they take your culture, well being and life.

But speaking scientifically, all humans are racist, meaning, they are happiest with their own kind, and tend to protect themselves from perceived outsiders, who may do their community harm. When looking at what the white race has accomplished within the last 5000 years, compared to other civilizations, I would say, based on that alone, the white race is superior. While China and Japan both may have had some contributions to society today, whites have applied those technologies more effectively into what we know as modern society.

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Superiority is a very subjective thing. One of our greatest virtues and biggest vulnerabilities is our empathy. No other race even comes close. It allows tight knit communities where people care about each other’s lives but, it allows many of us to be manipulated emotionally. Of one thing I’m certain. We deserve to exist. I’ll cash in my life for our survival if need be.

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Watch as heads implode though when the libshits find an angry white guy. They constantly tell the world how they're everywhere, but as soon as a white guy gets slightly angry, they flip the fuck out. For a supposed dying and inferior race, why is an entire two continents, scared of what "one" white guy can do?

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They aren’t afraid of one white man. They are afraid of a unified white people with purpose. Blacks burn neighborhoods. Whites burn continents. I keep my hatred burning cold and at the back of mind. It’s always there but, it does not rule me. Well planned and intelligent violence will better serve those of European descent.

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One white guy can inspire his people to destroy a continent for the future of their race/country.

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The jews will cash in your life for their survival as well. That is why the jews must go.

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It doesn't matter if we are objectively the superior race or not. We are natural beings that are allowed to love our own people as much as we want and other races don't get a say in the matter. What's next, we can't love our kids more than someone else's kids?

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I dont believe it, I know it.

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Truth is not a matter of opinion. Whites are objectively superior.

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Its not an opinion its a FACT! duh! that Whites(and Orientals) are superior human beings--Look at the history of civilization, all the great INVENTORS, WRITERS, ARTISTS,SCULPTORS,EXPLORERS, CONQUERORS, all were white --Ancient Greece had Sophocles and Italy had the great Roman Empire while Africans were still playing with sticks in their mudhuts---Black IQ's are the lowest in the world while Whites, Orientals, and Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ's in the world--Much of Black Africa didn't even know what a wheel was in the 1800's--Even the Ancient Egyptians were White(and Turkish)

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In (((college))) you are not allowed to get passing grade in SOCIOLOGY, ANTHROPOLOGY, or WORLD HISTORY, until you actually look like you believe that :


I am not kidding.. (((college))) teach:


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Retards believe. Intelligent know based on facts.

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Race is a dumb jew concept. Lighter skin means more time indoors, better at indoor activities.

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