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We did. Indentured servitude was very common.

We did. The entire country of Mexico is a product of Indians being used as labor and intermarried with.

The fact that Mexico used Indians is why they have no blacks whatsoever.

The fact that all the Indians died is why the Dominican republic is so black.

The United States was not as dense with Indians as Mexico The dense populations of the Mississippian Culture died out from disease before the first direct European contact).

This led to North America needing to import more labor.

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The entire country of Mexico is a product of Indians being used as labor and intermarried with.

just remember this too: the Spanish came to conquor for Gold Glory and God; the English etc. of the US/Canada lands came to live.

The slaves were a mistake, but assumed to be forever kept separate.

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The average Dominican is lighter than a Haitian; they didn't kill their white people. There were black slaves brought to Mexico. They have pretty much been absorbed into the overall population.

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Ever seen a black Mexican?

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We didn't import Africans, Jewish plantation owners and slave traders did.

Slave auctions in the USA were closed on Saturdays, not Sundays, because their attendance and management were Jewish, not Christian.

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Because the supreme court declared that black people were not really human beings, and as such were not eligible for our constitutional protections of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They were considered "things." Objects to own, and possess.

If they had tried that bullshit with European's, or Indians, there was a large enough armed population within the borders of America to unite, and resist that. But the black population only existed as a limited, imported population.

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No joke.

If they paid e.g. poor Irish to pick the cotton instead: what a better America we would have today.

Boomer-style forsight plus pure Greed.

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Because Captain Shlomo can't turn a buck selling redskins and potato-heads.

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Most Americans didnt use any slaves. The slave keeping businesses tried natives; they mostly ran away or fought back. Jews imported Africans because they were easier to control, prob because they were the dumbest of Africans and had nowhere to run to.

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Poor Europeans were used as indentured servants. Their passage to a American colony was paid for and when they go here, they were indentured (had to work for free) for their benefactor for so many years (by contract).

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Cuz JohnDeere tractors weren't invented yet.