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I also live in Redmond, I do Software Development, but I do not work for Microsoft. This area is definitely a boom town. The only way I managed to purchase my house for a reasonable price was due to the fact that I did it several years ago right when the housing market crash started to wear off and I purchased a short sale. Otherwise, everything was pretty much out of my budget unless I wanted to put myself in debt up to my eyeballs (which I'm sure plenty of people do).

Otherwise, housing is way, way too expensive. Prices are skyrocketing due to the tech industry, and sooner or later there will be a crash. I'm just not sure when that might happen - probably not in the near term future. And possibly not for many more years.

While it remains this way anybody in the service industry is going to find it more and more difficult to survive in this area. The traffic seems to get worse every year as more and more people get pushed out of the cities due to rising costs...I just feel as though something is going to burst at the seams sooner or later - the light rail really won't get done in time to prevent it from happening, especially with how slowly infrastructure is built around here...