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This is absolutely wrong. Historically, wait persons and bussers have relied on tips for the majority of their wages. There was a definite reason to consider the tip as part of the cost of the meal. You can include bartenders here also.

But if I know they're making $30k per year, then I'm not tipping. Because the additional cost of that wage increase is most likely added into the food or drink.

Odds are that most will move to a straight 10% service charge to compensate and mitigate the increased in the menu prices. End result in cost will be the same but psychologically it will be better. Pretty much the way many other countries do it.


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How is this "psychologically better"? It seems the net effect is it doesn't matter how terrible your work ethic is, or how horrible you treat the customer you get a guaranteed payout. Granted free money for doing nothing is the dream of many people, but I strongly disagree that this is of psychological benefit to the employee, and it is pure poison to the society.


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Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant as far as the customer tipping. Instead of just increasing the price of food and leaving it up to the customer to tip or not, you increase prices marginally and add the 10% service charge to replace the tip. The increased cost has to be covered somehow and this is the way is handled in other countries.

I won't disagree with your comments about employee motivation because I agree. Was just commenting on how I think things will be on the future.

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Servers were probably upset because if you excel at waiting tables your tip will far exceed 20% and you get paid cash so they don't have to report the full amount to the IRS. When 20% is included,people won't get tipped extra and now they have to report all money receivedl