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If you live in Redmond why aren't you just working at Microsoft :)


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The sad thing is that I am. The campus is full of receptionists, security guards, cafe staff, janitors, and tons of other service people struggling to get by in Redmond or comutting each way. Not even all the tech people fare better, a lot of them are contractors from another vendor company. They are paid much better, but forced to take 100 days off every year they work.


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Yup, when I first started out I went though Volt (and got pretty screwed by them too). Headhunters aren't really out for the contractor's best interest. The spin MSFT puts on the 100 days off is pretty funny. They say things like "oh you get to take your time off" or "oh nice! You going to do anything with your vacation/time off?". They never actually say "Oh hey, you're getting laid off and probably won't find work for 100+ days, isn't that exciting??" :)


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I read about this in No Logo by Naomi Klein. She wrote about how in the late 90's many companies, but especially Microsoft, began to lay off huge swaths of it's workforce and then re-hire them through temp agencies and as independent contractors to pay lower wages and cut benefits. I think it's kind of strange how most of the growth is jobs since 2008 has been in temp labor but this tactic was really instituted over a decade before.