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Seattleite here! Currently, the minimum wage is actually at $11/hr (it differs based on size, schedule here ). Personally, I've been effected both positively and negatively by the increases. I lost my first job (a chain restaurant that was losing popularity) shortly before the first round of increases because the shop wasn't making enough money for the owner to justify paying more. However, the first increase happened during my job search and I noticed that there were actually more positions open after April 1, including my current job.

All things said, I'm not an economist, I'm a minimum wage slave. It's likely too early to tell what the overall ramifications of the increases are, but on a personal level I can breathe a lot easier come rent day.


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This has so far been the most helpful comment. I appreciate your neutral approach.


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for that makes it all worth it. :/ i too was a minium wage slave at one time. It took a paycheck and a half to cover my rent. I was in tears trying to figure out how i was going to eat and get to work.