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New York State, under pressure from New York City, is pushing to raise the minimum wage for only fast food workers to $15.

To add to this, and your point that followed.

1) You are correct, $15/hr means higher educated people will likely say fuck it and go for those jobs. Especially since many of them aren't finding jobs anyways, or at least not jobs in their chosen field of study. Which means it'll be an employers market, so they can pick and choose from a larger pool of potential employees. This will inevitably push out the lower-skilled and uneducated since obviously much better candidates are available to hire. (edit not all people, most EMTs for an example do their job because of passion moreso than money, and they require constant education and re-evaluation, so it's not something you can just leave for a couple years then say you want back in. The issue will be more with those who have 2-4 year degrees collecting dust)

2) The $15/hr wage is going to be the catalyst of the Automation to come to the food service industry. The wage of a cashier will now be greater than the cost of a tablet, including maintenance and replacements. Prepare to see McDonald's with automated ordering soon. Cooking is a little trickier and more expensive, that's still coming, but won't be as rapid as the automated ordering. Currently McD's and other places have been merely dabbling around with their tablets replacing workers, doing trial runs at select locations. This wage increase will change that and make it widespread implementation.