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https://youtu.be/7aoo9PrvZKw this one starts with a mission statement.

Probably not it. I'll keep updating here if I find something.

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That's definitely not the video. The video was heavily animated.

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Was it the video about Google GRID, around 2002-03? I don't think it was released by Google, but was someone's prediction of what they'd become.

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I want to say it was really pre 2001 but I could be mistaken. Grid rings a small bell with me but I'm not certain if that was what it was. As mentioned to AbsolutelyDegenerate, the video was fully animated with a voice over.

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a tech publisher released a story about Google and there was a video embedded in that was provided by Google.

Do you remember the tech publisher or have a link to the story sans video?

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I really wish I remember what website it was on. It sure would help out a lot.

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and now they scrubbed it from the internet

good luck--I'd like to see it

"Don't be evil"--what a goddamned joke

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Try this web site asshole!!!


Good luck brah!!!

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Already been there and tried and no go. They wouldn't have the video archived even if the page was.

Thanks mate.

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Look brah I ain't gay so stop kalling meh mate.