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😂 ran out of gas

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Sir, we’re gonna need more Taco Bell.

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that's how you know it's a lie. if it were true, shed be dead. they would have killed her one way or another.

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Why spend money on gas at all?

Take a dime and toss it in a group of Jews. Watch them scratch, kick, bite and tear each other to death, then sift the coin from the ashes post-incinerating their corpses.

I mean, if you need to kill her one way or another, why not the fun way?

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Yes, apparently these Nazis hellbent on killing all Jews because of rabid hatred just refused to use bullets.

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Or just starve them. Or just truck them all somewhere cold and let them freeze to death. Or a million other ways to kill lots of people efficiently.

But we are supposed to believe that Germans (the masters of engineering and efficiency) chose gas chambers with wooden doors and a giant bbq as their method of genocide.


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Hah! ⛽✡️

OP should...

Ask Tony Soprano at :


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Nazis: managed to kill millions of extremely well armed and trained allied troops in foreign lands, but couldn't kill a fraction of that many unarmed heebs within their borders.

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It’s almost like they weren’t trying to kill them at all. How odd?

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a very good point, well made sir.

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They love to talk about the Mandela Effect over on Reddit. It is normie-approved, I guess.

So someone starts saying ME is important because it shows how malleable our idea of history is, and how it researching this effect (which in many many cases is just people misremembering dates or how brand name products are spelled) could help someone with sinister intent rewrite history.

Which is true. Then some NPC comes in and says "Isn't this happening already with Holocaust Denial TM?"

But what if history has already been revised? Or made up/exaggerated? Are we then really rewriting it?

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So of course the Nazi guards explained their whole plan to someone they apparently wanted to murder.

It's ridiculous, and she has probably been telling this lie her entire adult life to the point she believes her own bullshit.

So the Nazis were brutal enough to gas all of them, but in the meantime they fed and hydrated them.

Throughout history, culling peoples has been as simple as cutting off their access to water. They would have been dead in a week.

So many lies.

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Hmm, there are a lot of "nazis" who aren't following directives though.

Even Hermann Goring is a jew lover thanks to his brother Albert.

Israel gave a lot of "righteous goyim" award to Germans, Poles, etc. As much as neonazis don't want to admit it, there were a LOT of aryans who were jewish collaborators. Otherwise why they fuck would Israel gave them awards?

Kalergi is not even jewish and he's a jewish supremacist. The only reason jews can achieve power today is through the help of shabbos and jewish collaborators.

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You take that back

[–] BlackGrapeDrank ago 


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One of my first questions is, "Why's there so many survivors from the Nazi death camps? I thought the Nazis had a system to systematically kill them..."

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The first question is very simple. Why would they use gas chambers at all. Chuck em in lock em up and starve/dehydrate them and let the rest die from disease from rotting corpses.

Instead these people claim to have been fed/given water meaning vital resources Germany was lacking were shipped in to feed people they were going to kill anyway

Indeed why even built camps for this? Round em off take em somewhere remote, fill them with bullet and leave the bodies lying about.

Ive never before heard of a systematic genocide where the people to be genocided were housed fed and given water.

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Gassing sounds more dramatic for the normies instead of "locking and starving."

Dramatizing things is the best way to gain sympathy. Refugees tend to exaggerate and dramatize their hardship in order to get what they want.

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I got paulie-pilled with the "wadda uze men the doors was made of woods aint that waste of zyclones"

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All of history is a lie! It has always been objective and subjective in any case and victors write the History that is "the Truth" and it has always been that way

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German's were inefficient. /s

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