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How many Pro-FBI accounts are on voat? What percent? Is theis whole site a honeypot? What the fuck?

WHY SO MANY FBI DOWNVOTES on this warning!!!??

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Dont't the fucking cockfags in the fbi have some drug lords to go after?

[–] zxcvzxcv ago 

They don't go after their own

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Its law and policy, controlled by House now from Obama era mandate stipulates that a full staggering 20% of anti-terrorism budget MUST BE DIRECTED TO SEARCH FOR MYTHICAL WHITE TERRORISTS. Congress passes similar stipulations all the time.

20% of hundreds of millions is a lot to waste trying to create or support myth of christian white terrorism.

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"WHY is this Happening Here On Voat?!"

Because that's what Voat is. Why would it not be happening? Sorry to get all philosophical on you but I mean

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PDF? Are you a realtor? niggerfaggot. who the fuck uses pdf?

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What other formats?

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PDF? Are you a realtor?


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Ruh roh! Its ok, I don't keep cheese peeza on my phone.