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Well they've sacrificed thousands of their goyim haven't they

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1 jew is worth a thousand goyim in the sight of God

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Ten thousand get the quote right.

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Only for the glory of kikeistan

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Whatever they shot USS Liberty with was probably expensive

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we paid for it tho

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Try reading that again.

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Sacrificed babies to Moloch.

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Some things of their OWN they've sacrificed, though!

It's not really much of a sacrifice when you're 'sacrificing' other people's stuff!

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Some things of their OWN they've sacrificed, though!

Pretty sure it simply doesn't work that way with parasites.

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It's stressful trying to manage so much money and so many secrets. Israel has decreased that stress in the US through their espionage and by their lobby manipulating our politics into giving them billions of dollars every year.

Plus, think about all the wages and pensions we would have had to pay for those soldiers who lost their lives on the USS Liberty. Saved us money and paperwork on that one.

But it's not just a benefit to the US government. By their people overtaking our media, and their lobby overtaking our Federal government, we citizens don't even have to decide on our own political leaders or foreign policy anymore. We can just watch it all happen for us and be told exactly what to think about it. It's so freeing.

Truly, our greatest ally.

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10/10 post. salut

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To save time,here's some common ones I've seen:

  1. Jews run the money system so they're obviously putting in their own wealth to help us out. The truth: Jews take control of banking to create fiat currency (worthless money) so people don't notice them draining off a country's real wealth. Originally,this was stuff like gold but has expanded to food,water,oil,knowledge,anything of value that can be transported. They also use the fiat to generate massive amounts of debt so they can "legally" draw off any potential wealth a person might create/find. This is why jews always have money to buy their way into any country when they get expelled. They steal it from one country and bribe another with it. Or even bribe they're way back into a country they stole it from. Jews are not philanthropists,they're thieves who will bribe you with your own money.

  2. Jews run the entertainment system,so they must be talented in the arts. You're probably a fan of some. The truth: Jewish "art" is degeneracy with a gold paint frame. It's always the lowest form of art and never as good as what real people make. While some jews have shown some talent,by and large,they're hacks who rip off other people's ideas and repackage them with a massive dose of "tits and ass" degeneracy as well as glorifying drug abuse,homosexuality,and atheism. Art imitates life. Jewish art imitates hell. And as a result of jewish nepotism and picking and choosing who gets media attention,they will always put the spotlight on their own performers and slaves of low talent and easy control over any other people who have actual talent. So you'll rarely see a performer who's not a jew,meaning if you're a fan of anything mainstream,you're a fan of a jew.

  3. Jews do a lot of work in education,so they must be smart. The truth: Jews got into education so they could teach your kids what they want them to know. They've turned our schools into indoctrination centers where they teach them the globohomo agenda and to hate their own people. If you've ever wondered about the things the schools are teaching your kids,you're actively questioning the jew.

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May as well post this on the q boards, those guys don't even v/all

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The Sackler family brought us opiods. Thanks, Jews!

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They give us intel on terrorist groups!

This is the only one I ever get, and it makes sense considering Israel and/or the US are usually the creators of said groups.

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This == "They tell us what to do"

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