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A goodly portion of us aren't OK with it. Not shit - some folks in this country are fine with it, and probably think they don't generally go far enough.

(I'm not one of those).

But this is a BIG fucking nation. For a huge portion of the populace, those are problems that are "somewhere else" and are a considered to be a small, minority representation. A "the media is blowing this way out of proportion thing." Then take into account the size of the country. I was born in, and currently live, in Texas. Most of fucking Europe's land mass fits within the size of Just This State. Now, consider you're someone in Pretty Liberal California. Some cop in Cleveland does something absolutely reprehensible. That's a whole Continent+ away. Yeah, that's A Bad Thing. But it Doesn't Really Apply to You.

There IS also the significant tendency of the media to report on all the Bad Stuff that LEOs do, while all the good, normal, day-to-day operation of their jobs, and the good, polite, helpful things, go absolutely unreported, because it's Not Sensational, it's Not Newsworthy.


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I've found this misperception to be very common with Europeans. The US is huge. Europeans tend to equate the US with their specific country when it would be far more accurate to compare individual states with their country. I say that mainly in terms of population and land area. Additionally, the autonomy of State governments also plays a role although not as big.

We had a German exchange student who wanted to go to Iowa to visit a friend. She didn't understand why that would be a problem until I explained that it was a longer trip than if she went from her town in Germany to Paris.

This tends to come up a lot with discussions on internet broadband access, cell phone technology, mass transit and centralized healthcare.



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To add to this..Even if I wanted to get involved, I am so far geographically removed from these incidents that I would need to travel a great distance to attend a rally or be part of any type of town hall meeting. My nearest large city is Detroit which is a 4 hour drive.