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Jews lie.

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but many years in a row , decades ago, as a vermont politician he had a public access television show many watched, where Bernie went to the mall and TALKED TO AND INTERVIEWED MALLIES!!

Hilarious old clips are on internet of the mallies talking to bernie.


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Isn't Trump's son in law jewish? Why did Trump task him with finding peace in the middle east?

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The answer to your question: He's a shape-shifting jew.

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They already have NY covered. They need to spread their control into the rural areas.

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Big, purple finger waving Bernie the Jew is from NY?? I could have sworn he was a typical agrarian from Vermont

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Where did you think he got his accent from?

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To be fair, he could just have a kike accent.

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Never had a job in his life but claims to speak for workers. Maybe Bernie should stop living off the expense accounts of campaign contributions,, foundations and non profits. The working stiff has to pay for all those tax write offs his big buck backers took making those donations.

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Which big buck backers?

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For starters, 13 donations totaling almost half a million dollars to the sanders Institute. Foundations donate to foundations. it's money laundering and it includes non profits and NGOs in the slick web they weave.

Why didn't you just dig around a little on the internet for yourself?

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Most of the specimens currently infesting Vermont are from New York. The result of this horrible infection is they elect a communist relic for Senate.

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Sanders had the news conference announcing his previous run as Democratic nominee for president in front of his former childhood residence, an apartment house in the Midwood/Marine Park section of Brooklyn.

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How long do you have to live a place to be able to say that you come from there?

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As a Texan, if you weren't born here you shouldn't say you were. It's a point of pride, and lying about it makes you a liar

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I feel the same for Virginia.

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I know this fact because I remember watching an episode of King of the Hill, and how distraught Hank was for learning he was actually born at the Yankee Stadium in, New York City. Poor guy.

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I agree. I tell people I live in Texas. But I’ve never said I’m a Texan, that just feels wrong as much as I wish it were true.

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Shouldn’t be a point of pride to live where your mom crapped you out. Takes more guts to move somewhere new

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You're a fucking retard asking stupid questions.

Situation: a child was born in Brazil from Brazialn parents. The parents and child moved to America when the child was 22 months old. The child has lived in America for 1 day, is the child Brazilian or American?


You're a fucking retard if you think that was an answer to my question.

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Brazilian of course, and he'll tell you as much.

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