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With Jews, all manner of hypocrisy is possible. Making up a fake genocide while they do a real one at the exact same for instance.

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Accuse them of what you are doing.

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I think it also has a bit to do with White people not buying Nike shoes. It's a shitty brand and over priced for what it is.

And despite non-White people not exercising as a group, they buy Nikes shoes as some sort of ghetto status symbol.

Nike knows they're a ghetto brand, there's no point in trying to appeal to White consumers who won't buy their garbage products anymore.

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Slavery is bad only when the slaves are black! remember: only black lives matter. Screw everybody else.

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Couldn't be more accurate.

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Nobody gives a fuck about fucking chinks of course the Jews are going to use them as slaves

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I mean there is a metric fuck ton of zipper heads, you could take out 6 million and it wouldn't put a dent in that population

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It's honestly so bizarre. There are many historical wars an famines and disasters that cost millions of lives, but we haven't heaard of it since they're Chinese and these are mass-produced anyway.

In the 1850s and -60s, over 20 million Chinese died in a famine. In 1931, some 4 million died in a flood of the Yangtze river. I bet you've never heard of either of these events yet

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Nike are made in vietnam? legit inquiry. i dont pay attention to where nigger shoes are made.

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https://files.catbox.moe/rolp74.png :

Nike’s supply chain doesn’t live up to the ideals of its “Girl Effect” campaign.

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...how is this possible?

Jews; the answer you're looking for is jews.

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For the same reason people will virtue signal by asking empty questions like "how could slavery have happened and people tolerated it?!" while they scoff at buying an item 'Made in the USA', which was manufactured by workers who were guaranteed safe working conditions and proper compensation, because they just don't want to pay a little more money for it, and instead purchase the cheaper alternative that was made in China (and not realise that their decision answered the question that they really never gave a real shit about anyways).

Kind of like how they wring their hands about slavery that ended over 150 years, but ignore the de facto legal slavery that is currently occurring in Africa.

Sanctimonious hypocrites.

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Niggers don't care about chink slaves. Niggers buy basket ball shoes

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