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Yes. I was enlisted in the USMC from 1999-2003. Would I enlist today (if I was 18) for 4 years, maybe in the Air Force. Maybe.

I had no intentions of doing it as a career, my MOS had a ceiling anyways and I was unlikely to reach it if I did do 20 years. Everybody has their reasons for what they do. The local party college turned me down and they didn't turn down anyone else in my class that applied (yea diversity!). My options were to stay in the town I grew up in and had grown to dislike or start over. I had two options to start over - military or move with my parents to the middle of Kentucky. I've never liked Kentucky so that was off the list.

I've told my wife and family that if I was given the chance at a do over, the only thing I'd change is financial decisions I made. Only recently started revealing all the redpills I was administered along the way.

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My cousin served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He's like 36 now. He went to West point for undergrad. He is a double math major. He then got a masters in petroleum engineering. He currently lives in Dallas Texas. He was making 250k a year and quit his job to form his own company cause he got fed up with his boss. He is doing quite well. He said the army was very instrumental to the person he is today and wouldn't be successful without the the army. Also he had very minimal school debt, if any.

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In the mid nineties it was great. No phones and so no cameras everywhere. No progressive internet madness meant we were welcome in Europe. No social experiments with deviants being let in. I can't imagine being in any branch now as it would be hell.

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Yes, it was worth it.

Zero regrets, would join right now if I could.

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Depends on what you want to get out of it. If you want to see the world, adventure in foreign lands, fuck a lot of women, and kill people, then yeah, it's totally worth it.

If you're looking for free skills training that will better prepare you for life as an adult in the real world, don't believe that bullshit the recruiter will tell you. Even if your military career has a civilian career counterpart, the civilian side will require a degree and additional years of training.

The only only good parts about being a veteran are the GI Bill and 0% VA home loans.

But for reals, so much poon. I'd do it all over again.

Oh, and I was a recruiter, so I'm a little biased.

Check out v/militarystories - mostly me and mostly archived posts.

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Was the poon foreign or at home? It matters

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Both. I was in Germany for my first few years.

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is dying for jews worth it


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Hey at least you don't have to pay to go to jewish propaganda indoctrination school afterwards.

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thinks no veterans survive


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If you're good at kissing ass and can hide your power level, Officer in just about any branch is just a game of CYA and follow the rules. You do almost nothing productive that gives you any real-world skills in functional society outside the Military, but the networking and the pension will more than take care of you after you retire.

Enlisted? No. It will grind down a normal, otherwise sane person to the bone. For all real world applications, that's for people too poor or too stupid to make it in the real world, unfortunately. I have yet to meet a retired in any branch that thought otherwise. Shit pay, shit jobs, shit benefits, shit skills for private sector unless you're doing something like a mechanic. Very few jobs for some retired nuclear button pusher who just follows a 100 page manual for dummies on a sub and turns a few knobs to keep some gauges level.

With that said, if your idea of a good time is risking your life in some desert third world shithole fighting wars for Israel or acting as the "long-arm" of the Government-embedded NGO's that run most third world shitholes, then sign up because fuck it you only live once.

Edit: Changed a single sentence for some autistic chucklefuck "muh stolen valor" faggots who wanted to pick on semantics because their day isn't complete if they don't "REEE" like the butthurt low-IQ niggers they are.

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shit skills for private sector unless you're doing something like a mechanic

It's amazing how many enlist for the combat jobs with the aim of taking those skills to the civilian job sector. Because every company has a need for someone that can drive a tank! I feel like those guys were lied too, "just do this for 4 years and reenlist with a lat-move, you'll be fine, trust me." hahahahahahahah

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Nah, I enlisted for 11B for the reality of it. The entirety of the military is built around the infantry. The reality of it is that is what war really is, long periods of extreme boredom followed by brief moments of horror.

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It's amazing how many enlist for the combat jobs with the aim of taking those skills to the civilian job sector.

Mall Security jobs are somewhat hard to come by these days. Recruiters being absolute lying scumbag faggots (for the most part) plays a role here, too.

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The answer is no. How could spending even a minute of the limited time we have on this earth fighting for the jews be worth it?

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The military taught me discipline. The military taught me a trade that turned into a career outside the service. The military paid for my education. The military made me fit. The military introduced me to the best friends I'll ever have. The military gave me the opportunity to live in Japan for two years. The military convinced a stupid 18 year old kid he was worth something.


I never had to fight, for jews or otherwise.