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Dale Carnegie how to win friends.

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Thanks, this is a good one.

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Dave Ramsey - Total Money Makeover Learned how to make my money work smarter, harder - now I'm DEBT FREE. Bonus, that knowledge has been past on to the next generation!

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Its not exactly a self-improvement book, but

The Secret History of the Mongols

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Okay, explain lol

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Tells a tale about what a lone man can achieve. A single man. Alone. Beat down, robbed, slaved. Still creating the biggest empire the world has ever seen. Made me understand that hope and motivation is for women and lately, faggots. Men move forward because discipline and nothing else. It was the only thing that kept me going when the world was coming down around me.

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Way of Kings. It's a book written by a king in the first book in The Storm light Archives by Brandon Sanderson. But it's a fantasy novel not a self - improvement book...

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The Art of War

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1984 and Animal Farm

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The Bible.