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Don't think so.

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I've talked to 2 already. Won't admit Michelle is a Micheal.

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It seems really far-fetched. Where does this come from? Who benefits from it? Why would they go to such lengths? Who are the real parents of their children?

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The better question is can someone explain what's swinging like a cock in her sweat pants when she's dancing on some tv show and was Joan Rivers calling Michelle a tranny and Obama gay then dying shortly after a coincidence?

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Exactly. It's too fucking obvious. That's why I don't trust people who won't admit Michelle Obama is a man.

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Yup I saw that swinging appendage between her legs, I saw clip of her dancing on the Ellen show I was thinking oh that thing its a microphone but then I saw the penic when she was running down some stairs too and now I don't know for sure but I know what it looks like.

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WHY would you make such a ridiculous claim? Are you that stupid? Is this sort of shit FUN to your candy brain? Do you have ANY idea what KNOWING actualily MEANS? Did you flunk out of public school? Frankly I can't believe people like you even exist! Are you a liberal shill trying to make all voaters look stupid too? That HAS to be it. That is a STUPID plan (typical of liberals). PLUS everything liberals SAY is a LIE. It's like the don't even know (or care) what truth actually IS. Or honor for that matter.

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Are you insane?

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I'm not sure. It sure seems like it sometimes. I am autistic though, so I tend to STICK closely to reality as I FIND it, not as I WANT it. And I couldn't CARE LESS about popularity, ONLY truth. Grad school on full scholarship, plus 3 patents BTW,. You?

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I think is possible but I don’t think it’s probable.

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All my comments are being downvoted by one dude who doesn't want to admit Michellle Obama is a tranny. He's part of protect voat apparantly. Are they the tranny police?