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I guess that's when the recipient of the info turns on the sender... a moral thing.

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What kind of morals?

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Because some people have no qualms about throwing someone else under the bus

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It shouldn't be like that on Voat, of all places.

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Welcome to the real world.

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I agree

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As stated on terms of service page of cloudflare, all encrypted information sent over https to Cloudflare's semi free Anti-DDOS system cannot use the SSL key (the https key) of voat.co... and MUST, absolutely MUST allow complete open decryption and logging by CloudFlare prior to relaying back and forth to voat.

NO DATA IS NOT READABLE by fbi/NRO/DIA/CIA,DHS,USDOJ, etc etc its all in the open and requested from cloudflare often... all private messages are fully logged for the us gov at CloudFlare.

Check who owns your current SSL certificate you use to connect to voat.co... it is CLOUDFLARE!!! Look yourself. click on the padlock. CloudFlare... not really voat.co

proof of what i say :


and :


TL;DR: voat.co will probably have real https with end to end encrypted private messages when funded better and cloudflare gone and the SSL cert updated to not be owned by cloudflare, until then all private messages are public

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When you put jews in charge of the dictionary. They did the same thing to the Constitution.

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Since the incarnation of the internet, where ya been?

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You should kill yourself asap if you send or check PMs on voat.

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Tell me why and I will. Really. Livestream.