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The United States of America was pretty neat for the first 200 years or so.

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Fucker, i came here to say that

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Sure was. I wonder why they didn't fight to keep it ?

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Jews, probably.

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Egypt, ancient Hindus, and ancient timelines in general. I don't believe most of modern historian bs. I think ancient civilizations are either way older or way younger.

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I find the Indus Valley Civilization Interesting, they left some interesting metal objects behind and apparently some areas of radiated land.

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They also had fantastic plumbing that the world would see nothing like it built again for thousands of years.

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Sometimes I wonder why there are pyramids in China where the mummies have red hair like the ones in Egypt.

Who were those people? Some big ancient civilization that had spread THAT far? The only people with red hair now are white people, mostly on the Isles. Was it a different race thats mixed in now?

I mean there are theories here and there, obviously getting gaslight all the time. Went to a museum recently and saw a Egypt exhibit. The mannequins they had were all of blacks with nappy hair. Meanwhile the actual artifacts clearly showed the light coloured skin and pointy noses of Caucasians and semites. What kind of low tier shitty gaslighting is this?! Even the Egyptians now are Arabs not blacks. It's NEVER been blacks. I'm fortunate to know Coptic Egyptians which can truly claim egyptian ancestry and they look like syriacs or even dark skinned Greeks. A little more rounded features like a North indian. Not south semites like the rest of "Egyptians".

But blacks?! Fuck off Royal ___ Museum you fucking liars.

Anyway want over but yeah, who built the pyramids in China?

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Red dye was probably the easiest to make and could just be coincidence.

But that’s not exciting so I un ironically like the idea of Atlantis being wide spread and stuff.

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The 3rd Reich.

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Basques. Where did they come from? What's there deal? and shit.

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