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USS Liberty was an Electronics Surveillance ship working closely with the NSA. It was observing Israel's 6 Day War with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Israel was losing badly. So they readied their Nuclear Arsenal to end the war. This would have brought the Soviets, who had armed Israel's opposition, into that War. Israel has an official "No Comment" policy about its Nuclear Stockpile, because it is illegal for the US to send military aid to overtly nuclear nations, outside of NATO. This would have caused a cluster fuck for NATO nations who hate Israel.

Anyway, the Liberty recorded Israel's going to what is their version of Def Con 1, meaning the missiles to their neighbors were fueled and ready to launch, awaiting orders.

The Soviets also were observing and raised their own nuclear readiness level. This resulted in the US arsenal going on heightened alert. Seriously, we came really close to 0 hour at that point. Lyndon Johnson, not wanting another Cuban Missile Crisis, especially with the 6 Day war already hot, disavowed the Liberty and ordered the Liberty's recordings of Israel's Nuclear Program and Readiness be destroyed. Israel's command seemed happy to oblige.

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This is the correct answer. Also, Israel was committing major war atrocities during this war and USS Liberty may or May not have had intelligence on this fact

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I thought Israel was losing badly during the Yom Kipper war, but that Israel secured the upper-hand at the outset and then maintained it throughout the entire 6 day war.

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History is written by the victors. Leading up to the war, Israel was strategically, logistically, numerically, and organizationally outmatched.

In nearly every respect, it was Egypt's war to lose. On paper at least, Arab tanks should have crushed Israel to dust. Then the US gave them the trainers, force multipliers, and anti-armor necessary to flip the war.

One of the reasons the US did all that was because of the threat of sparking MAD with the Soviets if Israel nuked Cairo.

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To try and frame Egypt during the 6 day war so that we would nuke Cairo. The Russians called Washington and told them they knew what was going on and the jets that were nuclear armed and on their way to Cairo were recalled.


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False flag attack to get the US to declare war on Egypt. Didn’t work, so they blackmailed the president with launching nukes if the US didn’t give Israel military supplies.

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I heard because it was because it was spying on Israel, and Israel didnt want to be spied on.