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why do crack whores love crack more? why do alcoholics love getting drunk more? why do some parents spend a fortune on cigarettes or at the casino when they should have bought their kids new shoes?

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Social media is designed to be like heroin for your brain. You get high on social connections, conversation, and the dopamine rush of feeling like you belong.

Women are especially prone to it, and they trick themselves into thinking they're 'photographers' just getting cute shots of their kid when really it's just being fucking absent when your child is ten feet in front of you.

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Makes sense. It's really horrendous how most children are not being raised now.

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They used to travel in groups and ignore their kids in packs.

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At least the kids weren't alone then (had the other kids).

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Very true

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True, but it's just at ridiculous levels now.

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Because the dopamine feedback loop brainhack totally works, and scarily so.

Existence is suffering, so human beings are prone to hide from their suffering any way they can. Maybe it's celebrity worship, maybe it's self-worship as they curate a perfect image on social media, and to get people telling them how perfect they are. Such things are addictive drugs, just like heroin. They get a taste and then they keep wanting more. They want the internet points to keep going up, it means social validation to them.

Kids are not fun at times, but it's always been part of the deal. How can you expect self-sacrifice, which is needed by both parents to raise children properly, by parents who won't do anything that doesn't make them feel good? Taking care of a screaming infant, sick toddler, educational troubles with a grade-schooler? None of that shit is enjoyable, but you must handle it.

These people are cowards. They can't engage with the real world on real terms. They have to spend 30 seconds taking a picture of their child, and then another 2 hours responding to everyone. They only want things to the extent that they can get them more attention and clout on social media. They're chasing the internet points, to the detriment of everything else. And they won't stop because the feeling of not doing that, the withdraw, puts them in a depression. Just as designed.

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Some women have children when they should have just gotten a pet.

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Dopamine. They created hollow, meaningless people, then sell(not always for money) them temp fixes. Not much different than a drug addict. The difference is, people try to help drug addicts get better.

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I get really bored playing with barbies with my 5 y o.. But, I am great at multi-tasking, so I use one ear bud to listen to Tracy Beanz, Amazing Polly, Praying Medic, etc, while Barbie has made-up adventures with my daughter and myself. I can tolerate playing a little longer this way. My daughter doesn't seem to mind, because I don't have to look at my phone often while listening to videos.

Luckily, she has my full attention for other activities, such as playing piano or playing cards.

There is a good balance to be found. I am new to Twitter and YouTube, so I haven't developed an addiction to it, yet. I usually only post here on Voat. .with a few exceptions, and I rarely look at Facebook.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has an article about how video games limit brain function. Kids get too bored to look at their books or algebra homework, because they become so wired for immediate and vivid stimulation. In a similar way, I can see how social media wires us for scattered attention practices, plus emotional reinforcement. Choosing to give our families our attention is a much better idea.

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Dopamine hit addiction because they are attention whores. The same women are, more than not, using their child as a fashion accessory.

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