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Aren't suppressors a good thing? Guns are loud, and that can be dangerous. Less noise pollution is a win for the environment, and not having to hear underprivileged urban youth shooting each other will make us safer by making us feel safer.

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Hollywood has made them scary, so soccer moms who have never touched a firearm want them banned.

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soccer moms

It sounds like you're blaming the women. Its the fault of the men for letting them make decisions.

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I don't know I just hate kikes

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I have no proof, but it could be a move to get precedent whereby any attempt at an Assault Weapons Ban would prima facie not pass a constitutional test of the second amendment.

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Supreme Court just had that opportunity and took a pass, allowing a ban on gun accessories to stand as they are not “bearable arms”

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Trump is same as Hillary

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OK, Ben. Where’s Trump’s Vince Foster, then?

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I think you're right on the money here. The GOA suit on bump stocks is damn near perfect for a SCOTUS challenge, and should just extend Heller protections to all of the NFA. But, I will celebrate when the ruling comes back in our favor.

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That's some 4D mental gymnastics

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He asked how I felt, not what I thought.

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they dont care as long as they ban something, now if anyone should attach a thing to a firearms REAR, they can pretend its a bumpstock and therefore warrants police intervention, now they ban silencers ok, should anyone attach something to a firearms FRONT, it will be considered a silencer. the next ban will be something thats attached to the side of the firearm. now think of your dovetail rails and red dot sights, it wont be too long before they attack that.

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Trump is ZOG puppet

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I think that soon enough they will go after optics or at least the method in which they mount on say an AR15.

I have personally never seen what I consider a hunting rifle with a cheese grader on it,

It’s possible to go after barrel shrouds too. With the recent bills introduced into the house for various states it seems that firearms with a barrel shroud or obstruction over the barrel will be what is targeted.

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he can fuck right off with his anti 2A bullshit

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agreed make posts exposing that zog puppet

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Not good.

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Is chipping away...

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Water's gunna start boiling soon...

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Par for the course, what else do you expect from a kike?

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Fuck him on both. Possession of anything should not be a crime. If I use it in a crime, fine, fuck me.

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Shall not be infringed...

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