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It's not just the Declaration. Any primary sources on American history - official documents, memoirs from generals, letters home from soldiers - are written in cursive and already somewhat difficult to read. An inability to read cursive forces you to rely on others, often (((others))), to spoon-feed your history to you.

I'm not worried though. I'm sure Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson will take good care of the next generation.

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Google will probably make a cursive translator too.

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Sure, just trust Google to tell you....

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Just teach kids how to read it then. There isn't really any justifiable reason to spend time learning to write in cursive anymore.

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What? Kids write pages and pages for tests and small essays throughout their school years. They can spare an hour per day for a month in 2nd or 3rd grade to learn cursive. I know it cuts into trans history time, but it lasts a lifetime.

Have you seen common core math? Cutting that shit back to the normal way to do math would free up enough time to teach them proper calligraphy.

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Kids learn through doing. Learning to write in cursive reinforces their ability to read.

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Cursive is white. The written word is white. It’s not being taught to divorce whites of their existence itself.

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We see this played out perfectly in China. The old Traditional Chinese writing script was replaced by Simplified Chinese, implemented by the communist government. This render the youth incapable of reading all of the old books, so after two generations you have a clean break from a now-inaccessible past.

They’ve been doing it not with cursive (since, uh, how fucking hard is it to find a typed copy of the constitution), but rather with reading levels, for decades now. Newspapers and other media have been lowering the bar for so long now that the result is the vast majority of people, particularly nonwhites, having a literacy level lower than what a high school graduate used to have generations ago.

Give someone like that something written in the 1800s, even with a clean typed copy, and they won’t be able to parse the longer sentence structures or understand the wide English vocabulary. Our tongue will be bastardized into Low English and Old High English, the former incapable of the heights of poetic expression or precision that the old had reached.

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Here’s a chart of the reading level of presidential speeches. Note the two drop-offs. First when the franchise was expanded from landowners to all white men, and then when the franchise was expanded to women.

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Didn't High Schools used to teach the ancient languages of Latin and Greek before that was removed as well? Now Colleges teach remedial English courses when that once wasn't the case.

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China was actually going to switch to the Latin alphabet, much like Vietnam uses today (Vietnamese words, but spelled in Latin). Stalin was the one who told Mao that might not be a good idea (not sure why), so simplified Chinese was created instead.

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I know nothing about Chinese but reading cursive isn't that hard. I never learned to write it well, but it's basically the same as non cursive English.

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They said they were teaching typing instead, but all the kids I've seen don't know how to type. They hunt and peck, like on their phones.

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I learned to touch type on Mavis Beacon software when I was a kid, found it fun too. Hunt and peck is for retards I couldn't imagine having to do it now.

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My mom was a secretary. She taught us on an electric typewriter.

I got faster than the machine. You stop and it keeps typing fast as it can trying to catch up.

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Mavis Beacon was my shit, even if she was a nigress. I learned to type like a motherfucker on that program. I remember I completed the race car exercise (where your car accelerates based on your typing speed and accuracy) for 114 wpm at 99% and thought I was a God. Never got me laid though.

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Montessori schools teach cursive.

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Not in Texas-----

Cursive to be added back into Texas school curriculum ...Teaching cursive will again be a requirement for Texas schools.


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If nobody knows cursive, then how do they sign their names?

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That's the only thing they teach them. They write it down for them in cursive and have them copy it repeatedly.

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Block letters.

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Jews just use a circle.

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A kikel!

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I'm certified teacher of American Cursive.

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Absolutely dude

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