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The comics made a sheboon teenager the new Iron Man, so yes.

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They've made her a mary sue too. They just can't resist going that route with their inserts for some reason.

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"Some reason." They cornered themselves in a hole and are too fucking retarded to realize it. They inject niggers and fags into everything. If they are not Mary Sues and instead have some sort of mishap then it is very racist/homophobic of them.

We already see this when they feature a non-white and they sound like how you would expect; if they sound black to you then to them they sound like slack-jawed-jive talkers. It is why they push in the darkest people in their content who sound whiter than sour cream.

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They hire fucking fanfiction retards from Tumblr (and I wish that was an exaggeration). What else do you expect?

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Don’t you mean a Maareka Suubeva? She wuz quangz and sheet, after all.

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Do kids still even read comics? Or is it just adult goons and sjws purchasing this shit.

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SJWs don’t read comics in the first place, and the kids-turned-adults who were the original audience for them have abandoned them thanks to the (more) overt kike propaganda and destruction of their favorite characters. The industry has been dying since the shift to social justice. What you have to remember is that no form of media exists today for the purpose of turning a profit. It’s not about money (currency). They can be–and are–all subsidized from other jew-owned industries. YouTube? Never turned a profit. Not once. Newsweek? Sold for one dollar. The entire company. But only to the ✡right buyer✡. All the TV stations and newspapers, etc. And yet they still do nothing but censor. Nothing but ban. Nothing but delete everything that goes against the narrative. Same with Hollywood now, particularly with established franchises.

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It’s inevitable. James Bond will eventually be a transvestite lesbian black woman.... Superman will have bigger tits than Dolly Parton, and superwoman will have balls of steel, like Michelle.... Batman will be a gay midget, while Robin will be an autistic straight Asian bodybuilder...

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Batman will be a gay midget

Already done

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I would actually watch that

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Bond and Batman vs Supermynn: Battle of Intersectionality

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I like it!

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Upvoated for rather clever pun

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The part most people missed it seems.

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You guys understand why this is happening, right? It's not some global conspiracy to undermine the white male for political reasons, it's just basic f****** demographics. Even comedy Central did a whole thing about like the last white man in LA or something, and it was about this premise. He comes to the realization that all of the advertisements on TV are about pushing the white man out of his homeland or whatever b. It's just that there are a lot more brown people than there are white people and they're getting rich, they have money, and they're spending it in a way that white people aren't. White people are on YouTube enjoying their quiet contemplative YouTube videos about how the world really works and how to clean your M1A or whatever but black people are buying Bugattis with debt-based currency. If you want to get rich you got to sell it to people who are willing to go into debt to buy it It's a simple as that. so the primary consumer in the next century will be dumb f brown people because that's the world that we live in get ready for it buckle up That's your reality now You can either get rich selling to dumb people or you can mope in your little squaller of subsistence farming talking about the good old days from 1901 to 1947 whoopty f***** dude you had two generations and not even one lifetime to enjoy what would have been the good old days and during that time you had two total f****** wars.

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Fe Male would at least be clever for a sidekick.

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He was sucking dick for coke in "Less Than Zero" after all.

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4 star movie (imho).

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What kind of pro patriarchy bigotry is this, OP. It should clearly be Fe person peoplekind.

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