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It's actually illegal to form "Men's Clubs" in the US now. This is one of the decisions that enforces it: https://www.nytimes.com/1987/05/05/us/high-court-rules-that-rotary-clubs-must-admit-women.html The only way around that is a non-advertised, BYOB/PotLuck style event on private property. As long as money or sevices aren't being traded, it's cool to have a "Guy's night in" kinda thing, but an openly exclusive club is illegal. Unless it's a women's only gym or fitness studio, etc. Then the law doesn't apply.

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Styx?? jk

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The post above yours is baseless fearmongering. The article itself says there is no federal law against all-male clubs.

There is no Federal law against sex discrimination by private clubs.

Even if there were, there would be no problem as long as you don't officially incorporate.

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*bare chest no homo club

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I've been to a couple of those, and I think they were actually called something like "Gentlemen's Club."

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Time to fight the kikery tooth and nail. The gov can't tell me what to do.

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Yeah. Fuck it. Whom are they going to sue? They won't have anyone to sue if it's decentralized, and if we don't incorporate.

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They actually can't. That top post is fearmongering BS. The article actually says there is no federal law against all-male clubs. Even if there were, just don't make it an official legal entity but rather a friend group.

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Just remember to follow decent Opsec and you'll be fine. The lads out there need and want it badly.

It's a great event to slow start redpilling guys as they are already aware that what we are doing is considered socially unacceptable and that is just fucking clown world.

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lol, you won’t

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Interesting. I wonder if there's a way for people to start clubs in their location off the grid. I'll ponder it and see if I can come up with something. We definitely don't want to end up on lists.

It would be cool if they were loosely associated, but without any top-down control that could be easily corrupted.

I would love to the see the Voat/4chan/etc young men start to form community bonds on shared values. Then we really could start to make things happen. There are so many of us, but it seems as though we aren't connected in RL yet.

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...but without any top-down control that could be easily corrupted

This is a key point here ; I have been a member of a number of social or sports / hobbies centered clubs or organization over the years and noticed a trend which I wouldn’t know how to avoid : there are people who love to run things / boss people around, and they always find a way of doing so when they join any organization because they tend to be the ones with a lot of time on their hands; and they usually gain power by focusing on aspects of the organization most other members don’t care as much about (admin stuff, logistics, etc.) because they joined to partake in the activity / stated goal of the club / org rather than the miscellanies of running the org itself (and there always are things like any org has to deal with, like setup the next meet, who is buying the beer this time, etc.); not sure I am explaining this well ; but it always seem to degenerate in such a predictable manner...

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Just a group of frens... a large group... getting together casually...

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I think CB Radio may be a good solution for creating decentralized groups that can't be tracked or surveiiled

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Unless it's a women's only gym or fitness studio, etc. Then the law doesn't apply.

That's a good point. It seems to me that we don't do nearly enough to troll these.

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Use the Left to eat the Left. Get business cards from the all female joints and hand them out to the CDs and Trannies at Pride events and gay bars. You would be amazed to see how many gender-benders are on sex offender registries.

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No, not destroy them, but demand equal legal footing for men's 'fitness club'.

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Just go to church, yes church, even if you're an atheist, and the gym and be semi open about your ideas. You will find a lot of like minded people.

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I want to genocide Jews and every variety of niggers. I also strongly believe women should not be allowed to vote and pedophiles should be killed/castrated. You think I'm welcome at your church?

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That's why I stopped going to church. Faggots and niggers everywhere.

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My church is voat so yes.

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Yes. All are welcome. Dumb shit. Use that to our benefit.

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Yea, you’re welcome at mine and at Stephen Anderson’s in Tuscon.

Just don’t be autistic and say that shit to people who aren’t ready to hear that and you’ll be fine.

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Orthodox churches are best. I'm going to talk to my bishop about forming a Christian Holy Order - order of St. Michael. Ez pz, no Jews, no Muslims. Hell you can do genetic blood testing for people and exclude Jewish/Arab descendency - and its protected by Western constitutions - 'freedom of religion'

They'll say 'Oh, its exclusionary to other people', too fucking bad its a Christian Holy Order.

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Now this is an idea worth exploring.

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If we subvert the Mennonites we could also be exempt from the draft and social security taxes.

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I don't think your Bishop will approve blood testing, he may say that crosses the line into Phyletism.

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Yep. Never really cared about religion but I enjoyed having the boys club. Weekly get together, either having fun or helping someone in the church. Constantly working on something for someone. Then get to grow up and be the man I looked up to as a boy. Good times man...good times...

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But there are women and children in church. What's the point?

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To link up with other men in your community who are like minded or who are open to being further redpilled. Let's face it any half serious Christian knows "the world" is in the shitter. For us it's just a matter of introducing a few concepts. And voila more men ready to live and die for what they believe in in minecraft.

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WHITE men's clubs

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Aka country clubs

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How about White, or European Ancestry men's clubs ?

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so basically, not actually do anything important, just a bunch of rich dudes stroking each other off? Nah, try making an outreach program where You lift up young men in Your community, teach them skills, give them wisdom. What's "exchanging business cards" going to fucking do, other than let You reenact that scene from American psycho?

You need to be fighting for the hearts, minds, and souls of Our young men, so they do not fall into Your enemies hands. For fuck's sake, listen to Yourself:It could be fun to meet once a week, talk about things. Stop talking and do something.

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Nah, try making an outreach program where You lift up young men in Your community, teach them skills, give them wisdom

This is exactly what OP described just not in so many words.

OP is trying to do something. Even if it's just a redpilled friend group, you think not having that is better than having one?

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I already do that through the Proud Boys. Dont always agree with the politics 100% but I've met a solid network of like minded men who are all on here. Hey fellas 👌

[–] Delacourt ago 

Good suggestion mate. There's a reason why the media is so fervent to attack the Proud Boys, even though there are other groups out there that are technically further-right. The Proud Boys has massive numbers and the potential to be a powerful advocate for young men. The media can't allow that.

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Gavin is a Satanist. Comes close to admitting it in a Vice article.

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also, and this is completely divorced from religion, its not wise to associate with people that will shove a buttplug in their ass on television

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You think I give 2 shits about Gapin McAnus? Dude is a race mixing, butt plug shoving cuck, sure, but that fact is heavily overshadowed by the tight network of kike hating Patriots I've met and consider guys I'd ride out the revolution with.

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Yep. Just make sure you call it a mens club, and not a gentlemens club. Slight difference in the common meaning of the terms.

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There is a program growing in the US called F3 that you may want to try. Three Fs are for Fitness, Faith, and Fellowship

It's about learning how to be a leader while exercising and surrounding all you do with non-denominational faith (this part isn't pushy. Just an ending prayer/speech). Still growing, so may not be in your area yet, but they always are looking for people to start up a new base iirc

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