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They waited until they impacted sideways, and pulled them from above gum line.

Also larger jaws have less issues, and not all races had tiny jaws prior to 13,000 years ago.

Also average life expectancy For initial Homo Sapiens sapiens (two "sapiens") with modern final mix of neanderthal, from 4,500 years ago : 20 YEAR LIFE EXPECTANCY average, but if you made it to 20 you have good chance of living to 33 years life: Neolithic :


Wealthy people in the 5 famous "River fertile plains" around the world 5,000 years ago had actual drilled and filled molars. In fact the oldest drilled and filled molar is 9,000 years ago in Pakistan : (Coppa et al 2005).

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The short life expectancy meme of humans before modern times is false. It is skewed by two factors: high infant mortality, and high mortality in ancient cities, which were notorious hives of disease and unsanitary conditions. In fact, until modern sanitation and medicine came along, most cities were not self-sustaining, and relied on a constant influx of migrants from the countryside to stay populated. Factoring out those two sources from mortality records bumps up the average lifespan for pre-modern times to the 50s or 60s, and it was not uncommon for more well-off families to have elders well into their 70s and 80s. A medieval or even acient man living in his small country village, assuming he survived infancy, would go on to live a long and healthy life.

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Thank you for pointing it out, Adults back then lived just as long as they do now. Child mortality was very high back then, while tragic is part of evolution. In most ways adults back then where healthier, stronger and lived longer than today.

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no. The ages of skeletons show the ave ages. Actually the definition of "average" is precisely what is being discussed and is not false. If you cherry pick for wealthy suburban estate people with access to all vitamins and all proteins occaiionally you get a few people that live to 80s thousands of years ago.

Its called AVERAGE life expectancy, all people everywhere, all live births. And its dramatically low due to infectious disease and poor nutrition.

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Yeah I mean assuming you removed all threats humans live a long time. What is your point? People would die from gum disease in their 30s. A minor wound could lead to infection and you die. It isn't a "meme" and you provided zero evidence to refute it other than "well if you ignore all this deadly shit that routinely killed people well before old age did..." and that doesn't make a lot of sense because those things routinely killed people well before old age.

It's as if you hear the age "meme" and for some reason assume people are implying that we somehow miraculously evolved to last decades longer. No, we just took care of numerous environmental factors and improved our technology to the point that the stuff that used to kill us early doesn't anymore. That "meme" never indicated that people were unable to potentially live into old age. It's simply the truth that far far less people did, and there's a ridiculous amount of scientific data to back it up.

And the "assuming you survived infancy" bit is just outright horseshit. There were a myriad of other factors that severely lowered life expectancy. Stuff you probably take for granted in day to say life.

Tldr you're assuming a whole lot about the "meme" that's incorrect and you seem to want to cherry pick statistics instead of accepting reality.

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yeah so many things can go wrong during pregnancy its not surprising that infant mortality was high. Outliers can really throw off the stats.

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That's because so many kids died when young. If you made it to adulthood, you'd have a good chance of making it to 60+ (war and plagues notwithstanding).

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You only had a 50% chance of making it to age 34 if you made it to age 20, for all humans, 5,400 years ago. You had a chance to live up to probably 80s, as an oddity.

My Wikipedia link I cited has this exact sentence on it :

Based on Early Neolithic data, total life expectancy at 15 would be 28ā€“33 years

Its established science. Read that sentence in this link yourself :


So if you reach adulthood (age 15) you only have a 50% chance of living past 33!!! (28 for some researchers)

NOT 60!!!

Some lived to 80 of course, but we are talking about averages.

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Fascinating. Thanks for the quality post.

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^ this. I think the theory is generally that we used to need them but no longer do thanks to modern lifestyles... they have become one hell of a bitch that's for sure. I've had 3/4 out. All above the gum line and pulled, not because there was anything wrong with them but because I could not close my mouth because there was no space. Crazy that they all came through. It was especially sucky when they turned my cheeks into gum to make room for them. The fuckers. I spend 15 years worth of yearly check ups complaining about them before a dentist realized that I literally couldn't close my jaw because of them. Ugh.

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Our tiny jaw is a fairly modern thing, our ancestors ate tougher food - this caused their jaws to be bigger making room for wisdom teeth.


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That paper is talking about "100 million years" ago before any monkeys with tails separated from us, WHILE DINOSAURS EXISTED, and in fact before any true trees were ever evolved, or even a single flower existing.

100,000,000 (one hundred million years) is not this thread of mine, it is 15,000 years ago to now, mainly 4,500.

In fact , one hundred million years, what was a "human" would look to your eyes like a very small mouse that ate only at night and had a long lower jaw. (euarchontoglires "treeshrews")

refer to :


Regarding humans newer than 100,000,000 years ago, I think 16 million years ago, ancestors of humans had room for all molars, and these pre-humans evolved in germany mainly, and 350,000 years ago, some ENTERED AFRICA and bred with another ape like creature becoming Negroes, and the others 50,000 to 8,000 years ago interbred with Neanderthals and became modern humans, and some interbred with Denisovians twice and became asians.

GREECE : New fossils suggest human ancestors evolved in Europe, not Africa :

First Human Ancestor Came from Europe Not Africa, 7.2 Million-year-old Fossils Indicate :

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find :

Scientists Look To Europe As Evolutionary Seat : Found in Germany 20 years ago, this specimen is about 16.5 million years old:

Those 7 million ear old "humans" from germany eventually involved into Chimpanzees 6 million years ago and 100 other proto-humans :


But yes, 7 million years ago human ancestors (pre chimpanzee) had room for all wisdom teeth.

Humans (not counting still existing subhumans) are "Homo Sapiens sapiens" PLUS some critical IQ genes from Neanderthal, and birth canal genes from neanderthal for large craniums. And those "Homo Sapiens sapiens" did have progressively smaller and smaller lower jaws, less mandibular muscles, less skull brow ridge, less negroid features. Its a trade off for having far weaker jaws... this IQ benefit.

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If you eat soft food, your teeth will grow stuck together and never align.

When you eat meat that requires decent chewing, your teeth will align properly.

The movement of teeth induces growth of the jaw, but be careful not to crack your teeth, always have food to do the work.

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Holy shit. This actually makes sense. Fuck braces, get your kids to eat meat without silverware and chew on some grains.

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would sugar free gum accomplish the same thing?

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Weston Price discovered that crowded teeth are a result of a diet high in phytic acid...


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I still got my wisdom teeth. šŸ‘ŒšŸ»

Get fucked small jawed gamma faggots.

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For most of this time we didn't have white flour and other garbage foods, so people had to do a lot of chewing. This helps the jaw develop properly with straight teeth and plenty of space for wisdom teeth.

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They only live until 30 before modern medicine. Not as long to have an issue.

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my great grandmother got her whole mouth cleaned from teeth at the local blacksmith. Back then it was cooler to have fake teeth. (no joke)

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they only did it to women because tooth infections caused miscarriages, and it was an expensive procedure.

No teeth, no tooth infections, no miscarriages.

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That makes sense.

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What did people do for circumcisions? maybe the body evolved to work just fine and we don't need to mutilate ourselves? good thing the human body is so resilient.

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