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Name it the Lavon Affair

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I won’t but thanks ,something more subtle but will be along those lines.thanks tho ya!

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The two best days of a boat owner. The day you buy it, and the day you sell it.

I fish, and I love boats. Got to captain a Boston whaler 5 days a week for 4 years. However damn upkeep is a BITCH.

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Boston whalers are sick and very popular in my neck of the woods

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Was a security guard for a large park with a lake. It was the PD's old boat. Had some fun after hours when the lake was closed. ;) I mostly just putted around and check boat permits and such.

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I cant show a photo of mine without doxxing muhself. Its a humongous houseboat with slicky-slides and all that noise. It also has a custom built dual jet ski holder. I do also have a speed boat with dual 454 that I built. Also cannot show it.

As far as names, I would name it 6knotacausts or niggerscantswim

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Jews don't build engines. What's going on here?!

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I had a redneck goy do it for me reeeeeee

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It’s funny how when folks say “can’t do this or dox” makes me wanna see more haha. Sounds like you’ve got a good life carved out for yourself playboy.

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A boat is a hole in the water you throw money into

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I’ve heard that so I kept it small actually what I heard was BringOutAnotherThousand but whatever.cheers bro.

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9.9hp is more then enough, unless you are dealing with rushing tides or rivers. In fact, a good electric trolling motor would push that thing around just fine.

Color should always be WHITE, duh.

Name it to your personal preference.

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Cheers thanks for your input

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A little Yamaha 5 HP 2-stroke would be ideal to buzz you around. I have one on the kicker-mount of my 23 ft by 8ft 200 HP cabin boat, which is vastly heavier than your 10 footer. It's still enough to push by boat around for trolling, it just can't handle waves and tide at the same time :) With the waves or with the tide, or on still water it's fine.

A 4 stroke is already better in almost every way in terms of easy to use, no messing with 2 stroke oil, tend to be almost silent etc but there are few around (here) in smaller power levels. I think I've seen a Chinese 8 HP but typically 4-strokes start around 15.

Regarding paint - don't. Read up on gel coat first; don't use anything that isn't gel coat as it will just flake off and look like shit. Like my boat :) "Marine oil-based paint" is flaky shit.

As for the name, name it after your first dog or hamster or something. Or Puddles. Puddles is nice.

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Also going to look into gel coat I’ll post pics when done tho k.

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These are pretty great suggestions,thanks.

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Unless you're trying to race around, a 10 or 12 HP would be good. It isn't a 'heavy' boat and you probably don't want to drive it too fast or hard....just mo.

If you do get a gas motor, make sure you check motor limits on lakes you're interested in going to. Some have speed lanes, some have fishing lanes, some don't allow gas motors at all and some limit the gas motors to 10 HP, or at least they use to.

This looks like a great fishing boat. You could fix this up into a nice fishing rig. You may want to think of laying some indoor-outdoor carpet or just rubber mats on the flowing to protect it and to keep things a little quieter. Sound travels like crazy through water.

I only have one idea on color and it may be too complicated, but you could paint the underside white, or a light gray, so you won't appear to be a 'large dark predator' sitting there to the fish, and then paint it whatever color on top.

Make sure you observe the fishing laws and limit-sizes, boat license, etc. If you go into a good fishing shop you could ask them about motors for that boat.

Looks good otherwise. Happy fishing...or boating.....or human trafficking.....whatever you have up your sleeve. ;)

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This was a great contribution appreciate it!

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20 or 30 hp would be plenty of motor for a boat that size.

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I think that’s 2 much power (although maybe fun) probably going 9.9 or so.

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