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In all honestly if your fan base is leftist they will drop you like a rock. So really you have to decide if you're in it for the money or if you're in it because it's what you like to do. I'm not a musician but I know that good musicians put their heart into their work, if you follow the path of money then you're probably not following your heart.

I don't understand the morality part, there is nothing moral about feminists, faggots, trannies, kikes or niggers. Their actions are all abhorrent in the eyes of traditional/orthodox Christianity. Couldn't care less what the kiked christian sects say or think, orthodox morality has been the same since the day a kike betrayed Jesus.

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I’m in it for God. My music has never been for money. It’s always been about complete honesty for me. Otherwise it’s not worth doing.

The moral thing? I don’t know. I guess you’re right. I’m always worried about my immortal soul and whether what I’m doing as a musician is a form of vainglory. That’s all.

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Well, if you want people to wake up, you could try masking things a bit more. Leftist music has spent damn near a century dancing around what they wanted until the last 30 years, so theres no reason you can't get the ideals across without triggering your average normies defense mechanisms. There's a reason comedy and art are considered subversive, because it allows you to reach people while their normal defenses are down.

If you're in it for the art, just do whatever, people who like your style will find it anyways, maybe you can find other far right musicians and find a new audience.

So it's up to you. Either way is good, any jew record label will see right through your message however masked, so you wont be making money unless you fully sell out.

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Typically people who are worried about seeming vain, are not usually vain. Music is an ancient as ancient gets. It's a form of expression, the only way being a musician becomes a form of vanity is if you let it get to your head. Music is meant to be heard, and there is nothing wrong with sharing your music - there are a lot of famous modern 'musicians' who are just utter assholes, they gain fame and suddenly act as if they're nobility, they end up in a world of their own and just disregard everyone else.

This concept doesn't just apply to music but many other things, and not just art or craftsmanship but many professions, especially acting. Being a musician doesn't make you a worse or better person regardless of whether you have 10 people listening to your music or 10 million. Keep remembering the reason you have chosen to be a musician. keep grounded in that reason whether you are writing or performing and you should be okay.

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I’m in it for God.

You sure? I saw dollars in your eyes a moment before.

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money." Matthew 6:24

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Your personal problems such as a hangup about vanity are of secondary importance. If it's righteous and it serves God's will just do it.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.
Matthew 10:22

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. I'm not a musician but I know that good musicians put their heart into their work, if you follow the path of money then you're probably not following your heart.

That's only for the 1% of the 1%. Being an art, music doesn't really pay except for a very lucky minority (same as acting, painting etc).

You can still be talented and work for the money side of it, there's no shame in that. That applies to plumbing, policing, street cleaning too; there's no shame in it. Writing something that is at the complete polar end of your own viewpoint is maybe something else, but plenty of good musicians have made a living sitting on the fence.

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And almost always, the ones being paid in creative endeavours are the ones being massive attention whores. Notice that absolute trash is glorified, while masterpieces are ignored?

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Hey that's a good point. @googoogagaimababy you should take note of what @Tistime is saying on this. You don't necessarily have to choose an either or scenario, you can be a little closer to your true self without totally alienating your followers. No on would judge you for doing that. Ultimately you still have to make a living.

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Its only true motive is in manipulating you. Nothing it said is remotely valid.

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what is it?

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Do as the jew did when pozzing our race. Don't release the straight 1488 shit, subtly release easily digestible red pills. Can't reveal your hand too fast.

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I think this is also a good way to do it. If you can convey the message through metaphors/symbols (not the universally recognaisable names/tags/clichés), it can even be more appealing and attractive to your fans. Great artists do that, and thats one of the reasons you can review their works with different eyes at different moments of your life.

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Not to mention you will reach and convert more people who are intelligent and open minded rather than laying it all out there and preaching to the choir.

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i thought of that. and in a way my old music did that. my old music spoke of the same issues just in a more subtle and not as red-pilled way. but it did nothing. i attracted a diverse audience that would dance and go crazy at shows but none of them seemed to fully grasp what i was saying.

also, as another commenter stated, part of me feels like time is running out. and maybe the time for subtlety has passed. but im open to other opinions on that subject.

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See; System of a Down

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Hell no , Serj is a hypocrite that supported hillary.

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Huh? Soad is one of the most libtard bands ever

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You're not going to reach anyone if you go from family friendly musician to "fuck the kikes, race war now" overnight. Without context, people will just think you've snapped and gone crazy. Your current fanbase won't understand, and those that would get it probably never heard of you, because you never talked about such things before.

Just like in a conversation, don't start with the conclusions, but instead draw attention to the things that led you to those conclusions. You have to ease them into it. Lay the breadcrumbs and let people figure out where they lead on their own.

As time goes on, and your fanbase learns or changes, you can get into more specifics and details. Maybe in the next album.

Also, generally, unless you're trying for the edgy and rebellious appeal, calls for positive change tend to be more compelling than negative commentary on current affairs.

Consider "I want a place in this world where my people can be themselves and live in peace" and "I want to kick niggers and muslims and jews out of our countries". The latter is required for the former. But the former is far more palatable and relatable for the masses.

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I think this is good advice. @googoogagaimababy, you should write and create more music that acts as little stepping stones to where you are at now. Just like a conversation where you might try and convince a loved one, appeal to logic and use rhetorical devices to convince people. Good art is damn powerful. You could have a true gift, (I don't know how good you are) so you should try and at least see if you can tame things down a little and go slowly. Eventually ending up at where you are now but say, in like 3-5 years, and with all this artistry that shows how you got there.

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well the album is structured like that. in fact it starts from their point of view taken to its ultimate conclusion, then shifts gradually to the exact opposite theme.

none of my shit is straight up gas the kikes, kill the niggers type shit. in fact i felt uncomfortable typing that.

it's critical but not condemning. it has some subtlety. unless of course i tack on the last few tracks... that gets less subtle. but i myself don't know how i feel about violence. i just know how it feels when i see an 11 year old white girls body torn apart and thrown in the streets. it makes me feel like i could learn to be violent.

ultimately this is for people like me. who got caught up in this shit-piss culture and almost bought into it. for all the white people who feel like killing themselves or being faggots or betraying their race because they're convinced that white male christian is synonymous with evil.

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You already said you lost all your friends so fuck it. Besides, maybe you will get a new fanbase or expose a bunch of NPCs to the bitter truth. Either way its a win IMO.

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Don´t drop a nazi album. Drop a retarded leftie album, get money and start a huge white family.

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Goat writes an album about the acceptance of the blacks, pedophiles and zoophiles into society. Tops the charts in the USA

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shit... i mean, i could. but that seems like a pretty jewish thing to do.

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He better use that to start the white ethnostate then.

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Don’t live a lie. This is the worst possible thing to do

[–] smokratez 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago 

Ok. You get rid of all the jews then, so us white people can be honest again.

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Grew up in the music industry and have seen this kind of thing before. Your options are limited.

Option 1: Go full Kanye West, alienate your friends and fans and possibly end up an MK Ultra victim. Maybe make a few new fans in the right and fade into obscurity.

Option 2: Be less specific. A master artist is someone who knows how to toe the line of what is and isn’t culturally acceptable at the time of creation. For example, you want to call out SJWs? Great, figure out a way to say that without actually saying it. Hell, if you do it right your leftist fans will believe you’re talking about the right and will keep following you and you can slowly red pill them. But coming out guns blazing probably isn’t the most logical strategy unless you’re prepared to lose everything.

Furthermore, flipping between extremes isn’t healthy. Life is about balance. So what you got red pilled? That doesn’t mean you need to torpedo your career. It just means your eyes are open to new possibilities. It isn’t a license to be an asshole and target or harass others for their identity. That’s still identity politics and part of divide and conquer bullshit. It’s just the other side of the fence. I say fuck the fence. Go find a way to be you, keep your fans, but grow artistically and as a person and do your best to make new ideas approachable. Don’t just swing between extremes. Music is the resonance between notes, not the notes themselves. Generalize the emotions you’re feeling and express that.

If done right both the left and right will be able to relate to the emotions you’re experiencing. Focus on communicating those emotions broadly without naming names and maybe then you can achieve your goal and not destroy yourself in the process.

Half the country is left, half is right. Aim for middle to build a following. No need to target the fringes and extremes.

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This is pretty much the answer.....all the best political music is pretty subtle and universal, leave enough room for the listener to deduce what you are getting at themselves.....

You don't need to say "muh jews want white genocide" instead show how modern society breaks communities and the people you can reach will work it out.....

Also, when you write about problems, try to frame it in terms of positive solutions....overly negative music doesn't help anyone....that's why kikes promote it so much

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Good example of what I’m talking about: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/too-real/1437460955?i=1437461243

The singer generalizes and talks about the problems at hand in a way that’s relatable. Someone on the far left can listen to this and relate to it, and so can someone from the far right can do the same. He goes after both.

Yet at the same time it’s edgy, he expresses his anger and frustration and articulates that emotion without specifically attacking any one identity. Literally even asks questions like “are you really feeling guilty about being white? What’s that like?”

There’s ways to get your message across without sounding like an extremist. You know how many songs are about crazy shit but the listener has no idea and has a totally different read on the songs? Is it selling out? Maybe, but it works and you still get to express yourself without ending up censored.

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i've been doing option 2 for a while. because i didn't realize there was another way. that's what happened when i saw sam hyde. i watched him just reach his hand out and touch the truth that was right in front of him, fearlessly. that blew my fucking mind.

also im an extreme person. i've teetered on the edge of existence for most of my life.

and i feel like someone needs to speak to our side. there is plenty of music that speaks to both sides. and there's alot of music that speaks to the left. shit... most music these days is pure unadulterated degeneracy and im fucking sick of it.

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Sam Hyde is a satirist comedian. He makes fun of shit, he is not serious.

C'mon voat, you know this isn't serious RIGHT?

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Speak your truth, hold whatever opinions you want, but realize there’s going to be consequences if you forget your audience. As a writer, you typically write for a certain audience. Music isn’t much different.

If you want to alienate your existing fans, and risk getting banned from major music platforms that’s on you. The Internet is being censored at an alarming rate, people are losing access to banking because of their political beliefs. We are in a culture war.

There is no sides to this. There’s just the brainwashed and the corrupt and those who see the brainwashing for what it is who are just trying to survive whatever the fuck this is.

You’re falling for divide and conquer brainwashing. Why would you divide your own audience?

Music is about emotion, and feeling. Capture the feelings you’re going through during this process. That’s your fuel, that’s what you need to express. If you start calling people out in your music you’re just another asshole with an opinion. If you capture the emotion of what you’re going through and convey it universally for your audience to relate to then you’re an artist.

My vote is be an artist, not an asshole. Don’t play into divide and conquer bullshit. Even if you hold strong political opinions. The bigger your audience is the more opportunities you will have to red pill people and continue to be able to red pill them. Make people think and question their reality through emotion and feeling. There’s no reason to go literal and isolate yourself. That’s just lazy and self destructive.

Put in the work and time now and make something you can be proud of later that isn’t going to blow up in your face.

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Just release it pussy

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Evil prevails when good men fail to act.

As a growing Christian, ask yourself 'What would Jesus do?'

Did He not throw the money changers out the temple?

Will you abide evil and allow it to continue on, in your presence?

Your fans may not like your new direction, so what? Then again, look at what happened with that young girl Soph, unabashedly doing what she felt right and her channel explodes overnight. 600k subs to just shy of a million in less than a week.

Listen to your heart, don't allow yourself to be censored and rock on Brother!

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