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I think I'd prefer the world where a shovel was the end of the story for many disputes vs. one where the three tiers are (I) full-blown tracking of everything including geo through cell phones (II) a militant police force who answers to the political elite combined with an ever-increasing effort to disarm the Citizen (III) the ability for a Government to Drone missile strike kill you, nuke you, or probably use an orbital laser to vaporize you.

I'd rather have the problems of too much Freedom.

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As long as the state retains the right to murder without a logical or near-term need of self preservation, this species will never adapt.

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Corporations are next. It's only a matter of time before the room-temperature IQ NPC masses realize that giving up all those pesky rights, ability to choose, and individuality for the safe space comfort of education, shelter, entertainment, and health care is as simple as signing a contract with PG&E-Chase-Alphabet-Pepsi Corporation instead of filling out a social security doc at birth.

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I think it's more hellish now. Internet access on top of a culture that abhors calling a spade a spade makes most daily interactions devoid of any meaning or interest for someone even remotely aware of the world around them. This slowly leads to an impending sense of doom by virtue of being surrounded almost entirely by retards that consistently lower your opinion of humanity as a whole.

Better not point out how genuinely stupid and incompetent that nigger coworker of yours is because, "everyone needs a chance to learn the process," and "we're all here to do the job man!"

Don't even think about making a joke about anything that isn't work, sports, or the fucking weather. "THIS WORK THING IS INTERFERING WITH MY PERSONAL LIFE," is only barely funny the first time you hear it... but you keep chuckling on the 40th rendition because you're expected to be polite.

Best to just keep the truth to yourself, because every time you reveal it those around you are likely to just carry on like they didn't hear anything or dismiss your points and laugh them away.

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Really good points and it reminds me of a conversation I observed earlier. The point comes toward the end of the dialogue and I'll paraphrase:

The message that 'group x' is fundamentally racist and bad is demoralizing and destabilizing to a Nation, whether it was the intended result or not and whether it has factual basis or not.


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Plot twist, the founding fathers were the people behind the veil.

The peasants fought and died for liberty. The Federalists manipulated them in the name of bankers and they've slowly been gaining power ever since the constitution was ratified

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Revolutions tend to be coopted. There are always rich money-lenders and ass-kissing Alexander Hamiltons around.

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If all the options are tyrants, I will support the ones who are the best combination of competent and gregarious.

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Not all options are tyrants.

You can tell they aren't because they want to kill the (((bankers))) so we can be free for good this time.

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Ignorance is more painful. It's possible now to get very smart very fast which causes emotional pain as the person calibrates to their new awareness. We have the ability to eat better than any king ate with our modern diet and the variety we can eat. Most dangers we are geared to worrying about evolutionarily are illusory in modern times. We have it better but it seems like we have it worse because awareness is increasing. I'd say it's like getting surgery while being numb... you can't feel it but it's painful. Awareness makes you not numb... but you'll gain enough awareness to realize soon it won't hurt anymore. If you continue to learn and grow.. problems tend to rectify.

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IMHO the most painful aspect of this transition is with food scarcity gone, ideas and communication are the new fertility zones. Harvesting chaff has always been more straightforward than convincing someone their ideas are toxic to the soil.