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The only "proof" of a planned extermination plan (not just work internment camps) are "confessions" obtained by torture afterward.

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Think about how disgusting the american leadership was that allowed that lie to take place and destroy the future of not just america but the world. It is as if good men were running from some evil force allnthe way to america to only have it eventualy catch up!

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I believe it was Eustace Mullins who remarked that after the war, the delegations from every country were primarily Jews.

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The only written communications we have state explicitly that the Jews must be cared for and managed properly. Lice got out of control and food supply ran short. Typhus and starvation will kill, but they are not an efficient way to exterminate a people, they are a side effect of bombed supply lines and war shortages.

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The holocaust was just 9 gay dudes who died in a rollerblading accident.

Edit: This joke is 100% stolen, bonus points for identifying who :)

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Owen big bear benjamin.. keep up the good fight. I might be wrong but i aint lying!

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That guy is doing a good job dropping funny red pills.

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They weren't to be exterminated they were to be gathered up relocated to Isreal.

It's how you know the Nazi side still a jew plan to get isreal

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True, Hitler and the Zionists worked together to move Jews to Israel.

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The internet has allowed us to thoroughly prove this thing they call the holocaust did not happen as stated.

I would love to believe that Hitler was just this one dimensionally vile creature, but the truth is usually more complicated.

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every day the camp commanders communicated with Himmler the numbers in the camp, deaths, births, transfers and remainders.

all of those communiques were intercepted and translated, not a single one mentioned anything about mass killings

quite the contrary, unfortunately the jew dominated British will never release that trove of information

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I have a book about Charles Larson called "Crime Doctor". He recounts going to POW camps after the war and performing many autopsies of dead prisoners. He never found any evidence of gas or lethal injection, although this was the rumor going around at the time. Most of the dead were from typhus.

The holohoax story originally had electrified floors and other unworkable "final solutions" that were invented by Jewish peasants. There are no mass graves. There is no physical evidence of 6,000,000 people having been exterminated. The whole thing is a lie that is enforced by laws. If the Germans were going to do mass exterminations, they wouldn't haul millions of people around Europe and then use poison gas. They would have taken people into a back room and put a bullet into their heads the way the commies did it.