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The kikes demand and thus it shall be.

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Does Q say "Trust the plan"?

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DOes the pope rape little kids in the woods?

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More likely he'll fall for a false flag like with Syria.

No more sending troops to foreign nations. Hit them financially instead of military might. They don't value the loves of their citizens anyway, but they care about the money they desperately need to maintain their power. Cut all aid, trade, and travel. If that doesn't work, send in MOABs... Then and only then, we can talk about sending in troops.

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Probably, but the inkling I get, and this is just my intuition, is that it will be a false flag that does not happen in America, but elsewhere, probably Israel itself maybe?

We saw how many false flags happened in Syria, what was it, like five fucking times the rebels staged a gas attack that may or may not have happened?

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Implying Trump gets to make the decisions