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Yet I can't help but believe things would likely be worse if the witch had won.

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I never expected Mexico to pay for the wall by giving us cash. I did expect us to cut off all USAID money to Mexico to pay for it. This hasn't been done as far as I know.

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trump a jew

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None of that has happened, because the petulant Jewish children and subhuman brownskins that make up the Democrat party have dragged their heels and obstructed every single thing Trump wanted to do. And that, to me, is hilarious because before the election, all the ivory-tower Democrats were wagging their fingers saying "Now now, you must respect the outcome of the election when Hillary wins!" This, I think, has contributed most to my desire to never give a Democrat or progressive anything that they want, ever, for any reason, fuck off and kill yourselves. I know, I have seen with my own two eyes, that they'd never give me the same back. Fuck them all to death, every last one.

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or he is a kike

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Wait, did he or did he not have a GOP Congress for two years? Seems to me like the people elected the GOP across the board to do these things, and they conveniently failed to get it done.

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You mean the jewOP Congress?

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Good goy! Only think within the two party system.

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I'm not sure why this concept is so hard for people to grasp. Left and right, democrat and republican, it's a false dichotomy to distract from the fact that they all hate all of us.

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[Trusting The Plan Intensifies]

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Even God needed 7 days to create the universe . . . (ok, on the 7th day he took a well needed break).

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Here's how I would do it Mexico would have to pay for it or they won't have a trade deal with us.

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Red pilling trump supporters irl is fun. The look on their faces when you tell them he completely flip flopped on the DACA thing two years ago is one of confusion.

[–] bushka 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

He pretended to flip because he knew they wouldn't accept his offer.

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The one where he offered DACA for a wall? Yeah, that was obviously a move made to show how unreasonable the Democrats were being. They said they wanted compromise, so he offered them everything they wanted and they still rejected it. So Trump showed them to be the problem. I thought it was well done, but a lot of his supporters saw it as a betrayal.

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Soon as be hired Kushner and all his kids I knew we werent going to get what we wanted. Nepotism and hiring slimy, incompetent, liberal jews is the exact opposite of draining the swamp

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yes he a kike

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