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They can't legally take a knife against your will, they commit a form of criminal fraud (obtaining advantage by deception) to deceive people into believing they have no choice. If you refuse to surrender your knife they need to go to court to take it. I'm still looking for a precedent where they've succeeded to take a knife which wqs not being used to actively commit a crime, as far as I can see it's never happened. I know of someone who has repeatedly entered court buildings openly wearing a bowie knife and collapsible baton on his waist, and the police have repeatedly returned both to him rather than risk going to court and having the entire unlawful mess which is the VCR act overturned.

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that's the proceeds of the police's own crimes, not lawful confiscation.

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"diligintly didnt want them to get in the wrong hands"

So this pawn shop gave the police a bunch of cutlery (and a letter opener) cause they didnt want bad guys to rampage with a bread knife?

the cynic in me suspects that the pawn shop saw an easy way to get rid of trash theyed never sell anyway.

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I know you have to prove you're 18 to buy a spoon.

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Can't even buy a plastic spork from ebay

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when ebay clamped down at the behest of (((esther rantzen))) you couldn't even buy a pallette knife on there.