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Dat shit fo' crackahs.

Edit: Turns out that was the problem.

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Good lord.

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Needs more Jew.

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If it's a modern stove make sure it has power, even gas stoves have a plug these days. If it doesn't get power it won't let the gas flow.

check behind the stove for a wire handle it kind of looks like a coat hanger that's an emergency shut off. fuck with it.

If it has a pilot light make sure it's lit. If the flame goes out the thermocouple will shut off the gas.

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some of the new ones won't even work if your clocks not set, like it's blinking after a power outage,

The jets inside could also be clogged

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Very true.

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What changed since the last time you used it? I would start there.

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My girlfriend used it last night, so it must've been her?

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Could be. You should talk to her about it. Maybe she did something different than what you do when turning it off.

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You've got a bad valve on your pilot mechanism.

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Can you smell the gas anywhere in your house?

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If so, smoke a cigarette there to cover the smell.

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I wish, maybe that would cover up this weird rotten egg smell that seems to be everywhere.

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Oh Teddy you cheeky cunt you!

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My new range came with this little 1.5-2" long brass device supposed to go right on the gas outlet on the wall that stops flow if the flex line to the range were to break, I can't figure out with jewgle what it's called or a pic of one but if other gas things are working and you have one of those it may have stuck shut somehow.

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no mine was just an inline thing simple piece of brass nothing electrical about it. Looked about like an inline valve but without a handle. https://www.lowes.com/pd/BrassCraft-Brass-3-4-in-OD-Compression-Fip-Ball-Valve/3136595

I had never seen one before and could not install it for whatever reason, I think I may have either needed more adapters to get it on there or it would have caused the range to be pushed out like 3" more into the kitchen than normal. I remember having it around for a while and playing with it, I could blow through it and cause it to close completely with just lung-power.

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Is the gas on?

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Well, I've got hot water so that would mean yes, right?

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Does the oven and stovetop itself have gas? There is a line that attaches to the back of the appliance. It could be shut off, or leaking.

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