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Companies dont care about you and will never be loyal to you. Don't be loyal to them. When a better offer comes along take it.

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Right there. If you a young niggerfaggot, this will save you a lot of heart break and for goodness sake, don't risk your health for theses people.

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Currently working as an admin assistant, shop manager & onsite project manager. If I didn't dedicate myself to the company I'd still be a production welder who'd never have moved up to be the 2nd in command.

My boss has always been loyal & vice versa, I can use the shop to run my own jobs on evenings and weekends & borrow anything I might need at anytime.

Don't work for kikes and assholes but don't be shy of making a white owned business prosper because it's the only way your job will get better.

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Know WAYY too many people who do this it sickens me. I currently work for a company with close to zero oversight, and the workers can get away with doing very little and still not get fired. Why would i overwork myself if the company doesn't care? In the end, i can just bide my time until they get wise, collect the paychecks, live a stress free life and find something else when they eventually fire me or it doesnt work out

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Thanks for the reminder. Going to an interview in a few hours and I'm one of those faggots who has a hard time leaving a job when I should.

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I'd say your mom and pop shops are the exception, if you can find 'em

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The ONLY exception to this rule is very small, locally owned businesses (like the one i work for)

There are literally 7 of us in the entire company and that includes the owner/operator, his two sons and his best friend

I will work myself ragged for him because he puts my paycheck ahead of his

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Start your own business and be your own boss.

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Best answer

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I agree this is a great idea. Any more specific tips about it?

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Any more specific tips about it?

That's too general. Got any specific questions you want to ask?

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It’s not what you know it’s who.

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Always build your own skills and become more valuable, even if it is only 10 minutes a day, make it happen every day. If your current employer can't or won't pay you more, someone else will. Always be on the lookout for the next step up, good employers will take note and pay to keep you around for fear of losing you; there is not a lot of truly good competition out there, especially if you're young.

Keep track of what you do and how it benefits the company, it is the best if you can track the monetary value that you add. When it is time for a performance review/raise, you go into that discussion armed with info and are confident. If you don't like what the HR moron who has no clue who you are or what you do has to say, find someone else who will like your proven results and who will pay you for them.

Setup your own retirement accounts and before you buy anything other than necessities, make sure you save up at least 6 months worth of loving expenses in an account and just keep it ready for the unexpected. Knowing that you can float your own boat for half a year gives you more confidence to go after what you want knowing you have something to fall back on if things don't go your way.

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Best advice is to not doubt you can do something, and instead talk to those who have done it. They will take you seriously. DO NOT take your advice from those who have not done it and tell you it cannot be done.

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I've got several I try to abide by and the order in which I abide by them::

  1. Do it right the first time.
  2. Companies will only be loyal to you until they find someone cheaper to do the same job.
  3. Stay off the radar or don't be the tallest blade of grass or don't be highest nail. There are lots with the same message.
  4. Squeaky gear gets the grease. Which is odd, because it completely contradicts the one above it...

I try to stay in my specific job description as if you venture out of that and get hurt, you may not get worker's comp.

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Don't work for Jews.

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Don't work for Jews. Don't buy from Jews. Don't sell to Jews (they'll either Jew you right there or come back and Jew you later).

Long story short, don't Jew.

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Don't work

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Pick something you are interested in and dedicate your time to become the best you can at it. Once you make up your mind about what this particular thing is you need to have laser like focus on it. There will be no changing your mind, there will be no exploring other ideas or other job interests.

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Which is super awesome advice until something beyond your control goes wrong.

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No point in worrying about that until it happens. I gave good advice, I'm really rich it worked for me.

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Better advice would be to find something practical that you are passionate about and can turn into a career.

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That's not always realistic for everybody because many people do not have any Passions. For these people the best advice is to pick something stick with it and become good at it.

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