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The Reimer twins were born in Winnipeg. For some reason the doctor performed their circumcision with a cautering iron instead of a scalpel. The first twin was as fine as a circumcised boy can be. The second twin's penis was mutilated beyond function.

John Money was a psychiatrist at the time. He was a product of the sexual revolution, women's lib, and feminism. So he believed that gender was a "social construct" rather than a biological adaptation and advised sex reassignment for the mutilated infant and raising him as a girl.

Dr Money told this young prairie couple that if they raised their son as a girl without a uterus instead of a boy without a penis, then "she" would never know the truth of "her" origin and would grow up to live a normal life.

Dr Money followed the twins as they grew up. He was reporting the case to the scientific community as evidence of his hypothesis that gender is a social construct; he said that they had successfully nurtured a male into a feminine gender role.

Milton Diamond was a competing psychiatrist with another hypothesis: that gender identity is innate (nature) and cannot be reformed with nurture. And he set out to find Dr Money's supposedly successful test case to check the math.

When Dr Diamond found the subject, he had long before reverted to his masculine gender role. The experiment was not a success, and in fact it instilled in the patient great distress. Dr Money basically created a gender dysphoria patient on purpose, and lied about the results to his colleagues. Eventually the subject killed himself.

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Eventually the subject killed himself.

Too bad it wasn't a murder/suicide.

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theres a lot more than that. when you spend many years looking for certain behaviours from people in crowds you learn that there are fuckloads of things that you can almost hear for yourself what is going on without being anywhere near anyone, and on occasion, looking at the back of their head.

i had a bald headed cunt of a supervisor at one of my old jobs. fuckhead used to love saying dumb shit to fire people up. says something dumb to me and turns away from me towards another guy on the other side of him, just as i turn towards him, and watch the wrinkles on the back of his head tense up and the back of his jaw move as he mouths 'Here we go' at the guy on the other side, who grins back at him. Its like ,fucksakes dude, ive been doing this shit for 15 years, youre a fucking pup on your first site, and are a senior for the first time, heres a lesson from you, shut the fuck up, others around you can read your stupid ass like a book.

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