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Member when Republicans wanted to repatriate blacks back to Africa and democrats systematically defunded their efforts?

Member when democrats started a war with the Seminole that no wanted to fight so they instituted the first draft?

One can just go on and on like this.

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Noice. Democrats eternally salty when people try to "help" their niggers off the plantation.

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I'd rather erase the dindus, kikes, beaners, diaper heads, and gooks first.

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and, by doing so, eliminating VAST SWATHS of demonrats! I like it!

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Why would you erase it? Why erase history?

It's pointless on both sides to me personally to erase either one.

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We should never erase history. Even more, we should strive to make sure it isn't re-written by SJWs, Jews, et al. The confederacy lost their ass in the civil war, it was ugly, as wars tend to be, but history is history. The south has little to be proud of yet they live off an alternative history that they like.

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You mean the War of Northern Agression waged by the tyrant Lincoln?