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Growing up in Houston ISD, 60's, no one ever went to the bathroom, not only did the nogs break all the urinals, stuff the toilets, and beat down anyone inside..............they spent the day jacking off on the doorknobs. Feral Animals

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Don't forget shitting on the toilet seat or wadding up shit in paper towels then sticking it to the ceiling. Such progressiveness.

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This happened constantly at my school

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I shit my pants in middle school because I searched all three floors looking for a bathroom that all had toilet paper because those fucks would use it to stick wads to the ceiling. Threw my underwear away, walked out of school and caught the bus home to the dismay of many passengers.

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They also shit in the toilets top tank

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There was a story a while back about a handrail filling up with cum that kept having to be professionally decontaminated at a college. At least that's what I remember from the story.

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I'm sure nothing's changed.

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gotta admit i saw some pics/videos with public toilets in some of american nigger areas... those shits looks fucking horrific.... i couldnt rly imagine something worse from a public toilet... it was like a perfect setup... couldntve been worse...

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How long until parents realize living in smaller house/trailer/cabin, having only 1 car, and pinching every penny is more important then "keeping up" with society and raise their own children at home?

Answer is probably never.

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There are more than you think.

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But likely less than they want to let on.

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Normies don't care about elite student athletes (or NFL players) being blatant steroid abusers, or elite student musicians being amphetamine abusers, or elite student artists being on hallucinogenic shit, or elite student preppy socialites being on every drug, all of the above. Academic cheating is taken for granted. Schools teach corruption as their implicit course.

Cheating to get ahead is a part of elite schooling now. The idea of studying because one simply likes knowledge (you know, a philosopher) is considered insane, something only sober people do, probably religious fundamentalists. And studying for a decent job that can support a wife and 4-5 children at home is the lowest thing a man can do, according to our (((rulers))).

All I can say is that conservatives have never fairly treated naive victims of schooling fairly, but there aren't too many of them left anymore. Pre-internet cuckery is fading.

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Private schools are drug havens.

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victims of schooling

I like that

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I miss hpop. Thank you for a post that reminded me of a voat classic ^_^

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Now go make out with a butt!

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*Insert buttplug joke here*

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Just as soon as they abolish gendered bathrooms and the whole experience becomes a game of BJ roulette.

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Makes sense they would come together.

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Just an aside here I'm holding my son out of STAAR testing today and its damn near illegal for me to do so. There's no opt out in Texas and I had the principal call me and basically threaten me with kicking them out of school for doing it because it negatively affects the district. I disagree with teaching to pass standardized testing or using it as a barometer for teacher raises. Either way this is a fight that's worth fighting in the crusade against common core and its equally retarded counter parts. Keep in mind parents and future parents that the government has already legislated against you having rights to raise your children as you see fit and are willing to lie to you and your children to force it on you. Or threaten you.

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Lies and threats can be a two way street

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I guess since you commented I'll explain what happened after. The principal didnt know my son was in the car with me when he called to threaten me and he heard everything (bluetooth speaker) and after I had called him out on his lying and threats I emailed the superintendents office about the situation and very quickly got an apology. It turns out that there was a class available for students whose parents chose to opt out. Needless to say I'll be filing a formal complaint on the test administrator and the principal monday.

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How long until you have to fuck a dog just to get a driver's license?!?!?!?

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I don’t understand why to think about it as a simple student, they should be focused on the learning process because it is very important. When I was in school, we did not have such thoughts at all. We thought about what topic to choose for research papers and read more about it. We thought about how to pass all the exams perfectly, how not to let the parents down. That’s what we students should think about.

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I completely agree, that's what students should think about.

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I support this policy, so people will stop sending their kids to public schools.

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